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The State of DEI&A in 2023

With the challenges of 2020, including COVID-19 and the death of George Floyd, it’s become increasingly important for workplaces to foster inclusion and diversity. DEI&A

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The Increase of Tech Spend in Healthcare

Compared to industries such as retail and financial services, the medical industry has traditionally lagged behind when it comes to investing in new technology. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations have increased their investments in technology, digital solutions, artificial intelligence, and automation.

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Call Center Operations

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Healthcare Contact Center

Outsourcing healthcare contact center services has become increasingly important. Patients want medical care that is effective and quickly responds to their needs. Without dedicated and efficient call center support, healthcare organizations can experience more issues such as dissatisfied patients and increased in-house staff turnover.

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Patient Experience

Where does PX begin?

The healthcare industry is in the early stages of connecting the dots between PX and customer loyalty, employee retention, bottom line results and more.

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