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Case Studies

Explore how we leverage decades of experience and industry best practices to drive real results in each of our case studies.

CHCG Case Study

Transforming Customer Service through Operational Excellence

Consolidating customer service functions helped improve operational efficiencies, heighten employee engagement, and boost customer experience.

CHCG Case Study

Centralizing Data Management in a Multi-Vendor Environment

CH Consulting Group developed and implemented a centralized data management solution for a subscription-based company, enhancing security and efficiency.

CHCG Case Study

Technology Strategy and Implementation

CH Consulting Group embarked on a mission to overhaul the technology strategy of a prominent U.S. ignition interlock system provider to reduce call volume, improve customer experience, and streamline system maintenance.

CHCG Case Study

Proving the Power of Contact Center Best Practices

The case study shows that investing in contact center expertise can lead to significant improvements in customer experience, employee satisfaction, and overall business operations.

CHCG Case Study

Bridging the Technology Gap

An independent national pharmacy partnered with CH Consulting Group to optimize its contact center people, processes and technology to support rapid company growth.

CHCG Case Study

Optimizing the Healthcare Contact Center for Results

CH Consulting Group partnered with a pharmaceutical company to optimize their healthcare contact center’s performance and reduce operating expenses.

CHCG Case Study

Contact Center Leadership Specialists

The company, which had experienced a recent change in ownership, was looking to improve processes, increase revenue and support growth, as they had been stagnant for the several few years.

CHCG Case Study

Customer Retention and Growth

Sales and Marketing Assessment and Restructuring for a Mid-Sized BPO.

CHCG Case Study

Contact Center Business Development Support

Developing an ROI Sales Tool for a Banking Technology Company’s Call Center Services.