Bob Kasten


Software development, IT Managed Services and Platform Implementation/Integration, Reporting & Analytics, Data tracking & Reconciliation, Vendor Management, Telephony, Networking, call center and data center build out.

Background and Expertise

Bob has 25+ years of contact center experience working in IT. In his career, he has grown from starting as a programmer to managing several large IT teams. His expertise includes software development, IT managed services and platform implementation/integration, cloud tools, reporting, analytics, data tracking & reconciliation, vendor management, telephony, networking, contact center and data center build out.


Bob brings a unique combination of IT acumen, along with business knowledge, that he uses by applying technology to solve business problems in the contact center. His biggest satisfaction comes from building innovative solutions that find new ways to better manage the business process, make contact center IT a revenue source, reduce costs through automation, or improve quality.


Bob’s experience spans across the entire spectrum of technology used in contact centers. Bob’s teams have supported over 45,000 contact center agents across all business verticals including Financial, Telecom, TV, Internet, Retail, Bank Card and Utility. Bob’s experience has led directly to acquiring clients by selling technology in addition to contact center services. The systems and teams he managed have provided services for CRM, Customer Care, Collections and Sales. His background has given him the opportunity to touch all the consumer contact channels including voice, dialer, cloud, email, chat, CSAT surveys and social media. One of his many accomplishments includes the conception of an idea for automating manual agent processing by developing Windows applications. This initiative saved his telecom client more than $2M over the life of the project through labor cost reductions.

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