Meet the core CHCG Team

Christa Heibel


Contact center veteran and customer experience expert with decades of experience and boundless passion for helping businesses reach their full potential using a holistic approach that recognizes the success of an organization lies in the strength of its individual components: people, process, and technology. Learn more.


Bob Kasten


Veteran Contact Center IT Executive with passion for solving business problems and improving the customer experience through technology. Learn More.


John Welsh


Expert contact center professional with decades of experience, specifically in developing and managing contact centers for national organizations in the contact center and financial service industries. Learn More.


Berni Hollinger


Strong people skills, proven ability to lead teams and drive performance, and passion for creative problem solving. Learn More.


Brooks Arvizu


Experienced in planning, implementing, and managing client projects with proven results in achieving operational and financial recommendations, and providing strategic plans that help clients achieve desired outcomes. Learn More.

Samantha Garcia


Known as “The Architect” with a proven record of success building up organizations and teams to high performance levels through developing creative and profitable solutions that maximize available resources. Learn More.


Rosalynn Torres


Accomplished and enthusiastic customer service expert specializing in call center development with proven results of improving call center management, start-ups, recruiting, training, customer service, quality and data reporting. Learn More.


Mary Wardas


Versatile and goal-oriented contact center professional with a passion for delivering quality customer experiences through her operational and vendor management expertise. Learn More.


Danica Abcede


Creative yet meticulous and detail-oriented business development professional, specializing in marketing, program management, and business writing for the multi-channel contact center space. Learn More.


Steve Copeland


Successful and solutions-driven executive and customer engagement thought leader with a demonstrated record of achievement in strategy, organizational leadership, operational excellence, and the customer experience.  Learn More.

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Wayne Barnes


Detailed & results-oriented contact center professional with experience in utilizing his management, communication, and leadership skills to drive successful systems implementations and performance improvement initiatives. Learn More.


Dan Coen


Contact center executive with proven track record in building inside sales and customer service contact centers using a tactical hands-on approach that is both strategic and innovative. Learn More.


Monica Hatch


Seasoned consultant with unique blend of wellness and business that allows her to effectively coach individuals and teams to expand their professional and personal potential.  Learn More.


Linda Rose


Veteran Healthcare Patient Financial Services Expert with a proven record for developing, implementing, monitoring, and improving processes and financial performance while in a leadership role. Learn More.

Melissa Benike


Multifaceted and skillful contact center professional with almost thirty years of experience ranging from first customer interaction to contact center ownership, all the while respecting the key elements of the process to guarantee an outstanding customer experience.

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