About Us

The CH Consulting Group has made a name for itself in the BPO Contact Center space over the past 20 years and more than one BILLION hours of contact center operational management experience. CHCG combines Christa Heibel’s extensive industry expertise alongside a team of industry veterans and thought leaders with more than 250 years of combined industry experience and effective solution delivery.  In part to our wealth of experience, we are uniquely suited to give insight and perspective on the contact centers and the customer experience that no other group of people can.

Customized solutions: We know that one size does not fit all.

Whether it’s going back to the basics or integrating automation and ingenuity, we take the time to listen to your pain points and create solutions that work for you.  Our wide-range of experience, combined with our broad network of partners allows us to provide a breadth of scalable services based on clients’ needs.  From long-term interim leadership, short-term monthly support, single project executions and complete outsource management, CHCG delivers proven results.

Long-lasting solutions: We’re here when you’re ready for long-lasting solutions.

We are committed to your continued success. At CHCG, we don’t believe in the band-aid approach. We employ a holistic view to truly understand every component of your business, and create solutions that address the root of what is holding you back. Even after the project is finished, the relationship never ends. A strong indicator of our client satisfaction success is evident in our high client return and referral rates. Our clients refer us to other companies that are experiencing varying growth challenges, and are seeking guidance.

Innovative solutions: We think outside the box.

While we promote best practices for our clients, we don’t always have to go by the book. As catalysts of change, CHCG combines creativity and productivity to bring innovative solutions to our clients that will help to improve processes and/or create cost efficiencies.

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You know you need help, but don’t know where to start? We’ve helped countless executives that were in your shoes until they finally reached out to us. Send us your details so we can learn more about your challenges and pain points and start delivering the results you are looking for.