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Brent Pattison


Brent Pattison

Brent's Expertise:


Brent is an executive leader with 30+ years of expertise in the global Customer Experience outsourcing sector, specializing in enhancing customer and employee experiences and streamlining customer journeys. Adept at fostering business growth, expanding an international presence, leveraging technology advancements, and bridging cultural differences. A pioneering leader committed to innovation and excellence.


Brent’s focus is on continuous improvement and is committed to understanding the challenges of the front-line employees and the customers they support, all while delivering results and improving their bottom line. As a leader for several contact center operations teams, he was directly responsible for growing a program from 0 employees to nearly 4000 employees across the USA, Canada, the Philippines, India, Panama, and Trinidad, delivering annual operations revenue in excess of $60M USD.