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The CHCG Team’s 2018 Intentions

Whether working on-site with clients, completing optimization assessments, blogging, spearheading new business development, writing client reports, developing reports, assisting with RFP/vendor selections or performing a plethora of other duties, the CHCG team is a diverse group of professionals who excel at what they do. The group has more than 170 years of combined experience in industries ranging from healthcare and insurance finance, to transportation, retail, e-commerce, political campaigns, government and IT. They have worked in large global centers, as well as small niche markets. Their varied backgrounds have provided CHCG the unique ability to provide fresh, data-driven perspectives to clients in order to drive ROI.

We asked everyone to tell us: 1) What you are leaving behind in 2017? And, 2) What is your intention in 2018 (see Christa’s past newsletter on setting intention)?

Danica Abcede
Danica brings 10+ years of business development and marketing experience to the table, 5 of which have been focused heavily in the contact center industry. On the BPO side, she has been involved in the operational, implementation, training, marketing, and sales departments of the contact center space and is well-versed in crafting the ideal customer experience. Danica also is experienced in business writing, specifically in constructing articulate and original content for proposals, Request for Proposal (RFP) documents, website copy, industry-specific blogs, case studies, and agent scripts.

  1. Leaving behind: The fear of failure. Success is great, and much is to be learned from it, but the best lessons have always been in my failures no matter how much they hurt.
  2. Intention: To live in the moment, and know that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

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Wayne Barnes has been in the contact center industry for more than 30 years and has experience in Workforce Management, Operations, Client Services and Program Management. He has a strong background in project management and program development leading cross-functional teams, including vendors as well as internal stakeholders. He specializes in the development of employee satisfaction and performance metric strategies and initiatives.

  1. Leaving behind: blame and frustration.
  2. Intention: Taking accountability for my own situation and determining my own success.

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Berni Hollinger has more 20 years of experience as a CFO, Controller, Accountant and Financial Consultant and has worked in customer experience, project management, leadership development, ROI and cost analysis, as well as gamification certification. Her expertise includes financial training, staff development, team building, developing and approving accounting procedures, and auditing.

  1. Leaving behind: The negatives that are too easy to focus on
  2. Intention: To enjoy life to the fullest and not put off until “tomorrow”.
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Sage Johnson has been a professional writer for more than 20 years, with experience spanning across a rich and diverse range of topics including corporate communications, healthcare fundraising, local news, wedding planning and trucking. Meaningful content is her craft, and her expertise is reflected in corporate communication including areas such as advertising, articles, brochures, direct mail, e-newsletters, employee communications, press releases, proposals, case studies, whitepapers, scripts and websites.

  1. Leaving behind: Beliefs that are not true and do not serve me well.
  2. Intention: Trust that the Universe knows the “how” and will reveal the best path when it’s time.

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Rosalynn Torres has 16 years of contact center and customer experience expertise, specializing in contact center development within the medical transportation industry. Her diverse background includes contact center operations, start-ups, management, recruiting, public relations, quality training, team building, performance review and policy and procedure development.

  1. Leaving behind: Worrying too much about the little things and trying to be a perfectionist, being too hard on myself sometimes.
  2. Intention: To be open and be more relaxed! Enjoy life, especially 2018!

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Mary Wardas has more than 20 years of experience in customer service, where she created quality customer experiences in industries including healthcare, insurance, retail, e-commerce, finance, mortgage and political advocacy.  She has worked in many roles in the contact center industry, from rep to project manager and has experience with operational and vendor management.

  1. Leaving behind: the past and self-doubt
  2. Intention: to live in thepresent, confident in the beauty of 2018

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John Welsh has 35 years of valuable contact center and telemarketing industry experience, with expertise in operations management, customer service, telemarketing campaign management, script and call guide development, representative and supervisory training, data/report analysis, trend analysis, and work process re-engineering.

  1. Leaving behind: frustration and disappointment in 2017
  2. Intention: to be grateful for all the blessings in my life and to be positive in all interactions.

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Samantha Garcia has more than 25 years of experience in owning and building businesses in diverse business sectors such as loan origination, real estate, inbound/outbound/auto-dialer, Medicare and Medicaid, and consumer transportation coordination. She has a strong background in customer experience, business plan development, funding marketing, account management and project management, including managing P&L’s, streamlining operations and generating profit.
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Brooks Arvizu has worked in almost every role during his 15 years in the contact center industry. Specializing in outbound campaign management, he provides organizations with outbound-specific proficiencies in customer experience enhancement, script and reporting design, establishment of QA and KPI standards, identification of key drivers, predictive dialer technology management, training, coaching, and comprehensive data analytics.

  1. Leaving behind: Nothing, bringing all experiences and moving forward!
  2. Intention: Continue to expand technology expertise in this exciting, technology-driven cloud, Omni channel environment.
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