Brooks Arvizu

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Business Management • Lead Generation • Multi-Measure Staffing Techniques • Operational Management • Staffing Plans • IVR Design and Application • Leadership • List Management • Customer Relations Management • Contact Center Technology

Background and Expertise

Brooks has been in the call center industry for almost 15 years specializing in inbound and outbound campaign management and has worked in almost every role within the space. He provides your organization with tenured proficiencies in customer experience enhancement, script and reporting design, the establishment of QA and KPI standards, identification of key drivers, predictive dialer technology management, training, coaching, and comprehensive data analytics. Brooks’ additional expertise includes business and operational management, lead generation, multi-measure staffing techniques, staffing plans, contact center technology, IVR design and application, leadership, and customer relations. He has serviced varying industries, small and large, including political advocacy, non-profit, fundraising, medical, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, financial services, and the housing and mortgage industry.


At the heart of Brooks’ approach is his commitment to efficiencies, client-focused communications, and creating a positive work environment where people feel comfortable and motivated. He has the unique ability of processing and interpreting a large amount of organizational data, identifying patterns, and weaving them into solutions that make the organization functional.


Brooks has worked with several clients on projects including inbound and outbound campaign management, call center transitions, and new system implementations. He has worked collaboratively with clients to document processes and procedures, train staff, and create efficiencies in order to meet operational objectives. To meet financial objectives of his clients, he provides support in creating detailed forecasting requirements, annual budgets, expenditure schedules, and corrective action plans. His dedication to meeting client objectives has continually resulted in increased productivity and customer satisfaction levels.

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