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Facing Change: Preparing For Business After COVID-19

The consequences of corona virus today are far-reaching beyond the spread of disease and the efforts to quarantine it, the world is still fighting tooth and nail for months and still have not cracked the code.

“Having lived through 9/11. I lost three friends that I knew in the towers. I was there through the crash of 2008. But this is the worst of all for a variety of reasons. First, we are very uncertain as to what is going to happen. How long is this going to last? Who does it affect?”

Senator Chuck Scumer, Senate Minority Leader

SARS-CoV (SEVERE ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME) was first found in 2003 and it was brutal with a 9.3% mortality rate. The 2nd version SARS-CoV, novel COVID-19 appearing in late 2019 with only a 2.3% mortality but has shaken the world completely. Both viruses have similar types of symptoms and transmission, but what makes the COVID-19 considerably worse is that FDA approved testing and vaccination or medicines take time to develop.  Time that medical communities cannot support, which has caused global chaos.

CAN WE EMOTIONALLY AVOID CORONAVIRUS? Be it your phone, computer or TV, the media coverage has saturated all channels. . The stock market is plummeting, millions are attempting to apply for unemployment, businesses big and small are caught unprepared. Within industry channels we are being asked “What are we seeing?” Answers vary, but we wanted to pause and really “see” how the virus is impacting the global economy.

The virus is 100% real, but to many like me “It’s the way you look at it”. To offer you a different perspective let’s identify with is real. There is a complete chaos, complete disorder which means the current order is failing. Globally systems are weak and breaking. Models of the environment, politics, economics, education, journalism, and business structure are rapidly changing, and with it is time for new order. It’s time for change.

RESPOND WITH CARE. The newness is taking place while the old is fading away. The most important factor as an individual, as a citizen, as a true business leader is that we cannot respond with fear or anger. It is the choices that we must make today. To respond to the threats and challenges with great optimism and grounded leadership. If we respond with care, with love, we help people to adapt to the change, providing the tools to change. It is the time of metamorphosis and change is tough. Like a larva struggling inside the pupa to build its wings & structure to break through the cocoon and fly as a butterfly.

The sooner we prepare ourselves and our people, the easier we transition to this new era. Our kids are beyond Industrial age methodology of education, following instructions all day long. “Open your books, turn to page 10, solve problem number 4, stop talking etc etc” putting out your best behavior is when you obey orders.


This period of history is showing the economy where there is bloat, waste and unnecessary effort spent. Many businesses have laid off or furloughed potentially thousands of staff as other, seemingly less-skilled workers, thrive as essential or keyworkers. For some sectors and business leaders in those spaces, now is the time to future-proof their service offering against disruptive events and crises…  Businesses that do not use this opportunity to re-assess their business model and plan for, quite literally, every eventuality will find the market incredibly difficult to navigate in the coming months and years.” 

Reece Tomlinson, CEO and Founder o RWT Growth 

Small, medium & even big enterprises are struggling; be it new or established banks, media and production companies, insurance companies and various other industries. Maybe they’ve been reactive rather than proactive, some may be stuck in the decision-making process, others may be stuck in deciding what stock to buy, and others haven’t been listening to their employee’s suggestions for better and more efficient technologies. Many companies struggle because bad leaders are at the helm. Whatever the reason is, businesses have no other option apart from moving forward with implementing future technology. “According to Emergent Research and Intuit, some 80 percent of U.S. small businesses will deploy cloud computing this year.” Good examples of this massive swing is evidence of most non-essential companies shifting employees to work at home, YouTube and Netflix users have shown a significant increase in new users in last few months, while schools, universities, and churches are replacing gatherings with live streaming.


With work from home spiking off the charts, the world will be closer than we think, and GIG economy is all set to rise. Companies will get to a point where they will start considering reductions of office real estate cost and redirect those savings toward more efficient technology solutions and work at home employees in future. Employers will no longer have to pay premium costs of living for you to live and work in Manhattan but will branch out to employ someone living in the Midwest who could be better skilled and will cost lest to employ. It will no longer matter where you live but rather employers can focus on hiring based on your skill, quality & your commitment.  How quickly can you commit to your passion and obtain the skills to confirm you are a pro? This change, like all change, will be difficult. Sometimes you have to disrupt your own comfort in order to start the change. That’s the metamorphosis for all society.


As true leaders, our responsibility goes far beyond equipping our business. We have a responsibility to give back to our community. Your engagement in your community is a beacon that will define your future success. We have a choice to sink or swim. By setting aggressive plans to adapt to our new environment, personally and professionally, you can grow and expand in these new times. It is time to shake your business and be the one true leader who helps to lift your employees and colleagues to the next level to help them prepare for the future. 

You may not have all of the information, expertise, or connections in hand right now. But now is the time to reach out for expert advice and guidance so that you can support a greater team to help your business achieve success. Business consultants like CH Consulting Group offer free webinars and podcasts  to help you  through this period of change. 

Guest Blogger – Rockey Roger, Co-Founder and president Global Sales for Expressonic Global Solutions Pvt Ltd.

He is responsible for global growth expansion of one of the most unique patent pending Robotic Process Automation platform called Kraft-A-Bot RPA.  Kraft-A-Bot is the easiest business automation platform developed by his team helping small, medium and large enterprise to transform quickly & flawlessly to a digital structure for a fraction of cost. Rockey has always been a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur and a firm believer of future technologies like AI and RPA.

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