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CHCG Audits

We conduct a thorough assessments of people, processes and technology
in order to provide a closer look at areas of improvement in your customer experience,
performance, technology and compliance.

360° View Assessment

Full assessment of people, processes and technology.

CH Consulting Group kicks off most engagements with a comprehensive 360° View Assessment of your organization and its contact or call centers. This assessment uses a customer-centric approach that thoroughly reviews current people, processes and technology. It offers a holistic examination of important departments such as Operations, IT, WFM, Training and QA.

As the name suggests, CHCG’s 360° View Contact Center Assessment is used by companies that want to evaluate their operations from all vantage points through an impartial party. The main purpose of the assessment is to determine how we can leverage our experienced team and knowledge of industry best practices to optimize your current contact center environment.

Customer Experience

Audit of Customer Experience strategy.

This audit is considered a sub-section of our 360 View Lite Contact Center Assessment– it is a focused evaluation of your Customer Experience strategy in your current contact center environment. In this assessment, we explore and document the customer journey to gain an understanding of the current landscape in which your customers travel. This assessment will uncover invaluable data such as challenges your customers face, feedback on specific company initiatives, and other customer data that allows you to customize their experience in a way that improves retention and drives loyalty.

Similar to our other assessments, we evaluate people, processes, and technology as they relate to the Customer Experience in your contact center. This includes taking a closer look at the different channels on which you provide service (phone, email, chat, etc).

Contact Center Performance

Comprehensive Assessment of Contact Center Performance

CH Consulting Group’s comprehensive assessment services include a thorough review of your contact center performance. We review the relevant departments and systems that contribute to your contact center performance, and provide you with tactical and practical recommendations for improvement and optimization.

Constant evaluation of your contact center performance is vital to the strength of your customer experience. Through the improvement of your contact center performance with the trusted CH Consulting Group team, you can help bridge the gap between current state and an optimized future state.


Analysis of Current Technology, Systems & Applications

CH Consulting Group’s comprehensive assessment services include a thorough review of your technology department, processes, and systems. We will review your technology landscape and provide you with a strategic roadmap for short term and long-term recommendations.

Our impartial, vendor-agnostic approach to technology will be a huge asset to your organization and the overall improvement of your technology systems and processes. Partner with CHCG today to help you create an effective strategic roadmap that will further optimize your technology landscape and make you stand out against the competition.


Review of Adherence to Regulatory Guidelines

CH Consulting Group offers you compliance expertise to ensure your organization adheres to regulatory guidelines, which can help you drive the appropriate technology strategy. You can leverage our Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP) to help your organization reach and/or maintain compliance! Our support includes:

  • General compliance
    • Review of pertinent state and federal regulatory guidelines
    • Verify that written policies on compliance guidelines meet state and federal requirements
    • Determine company risks
    • Review of training
  • Review of Do Not Call (DNC) policies, training, and processes
  • Review of Caller ID and text messaging requirements if applicable
  • Review of Personal Information (P) compliance processes and documentation
  • Review of data privacy policies and procedures

Parter with CH Consulting Group today to fulfill all your compliance needs and ensure that you are on the right path to success!