As an extension of your team, our people become the driving force to execute and implement solutions, projects and initiatives that realize your vision.


CHCG has a passion for business principles and processes that keep things simple and eliminate redundancies.


We believe that automation can create big savings on a company’s money, time, and resources when it comes to getting things done right the first time.

We are the world’s premiere Contact Center Consultants and Customer Experience Consultants.

How can we help you?

We are the world’s premiere consulting company for the BPO/Contact Center and Customer Experience Industries. We believe in delivering customized solutions with our client’s ROI as our main driver for excellence. Contact us today for an in-depth assessment of your current organization, and to see what CHCG can do for you.


Many companies rely on our expertise to develop and support sales and customer service initiatives, and revive flatlined sales and revenue.


We analyze current channels and provide the strategy and tools you need to enhance the customer experience and maximize the omni-channel environment.


Whether you are lacking expertise, specific talents, need help with development or support, we can strengthen your team.


Before you begin a search that may cost you time and needless money, let CHCG take the lead.


Building business is about relationships and no one understands that better than CH Consulting Group. We are your resource.


Establishing a culture where people are heard and supported yields an efficient, productive and happy workforce.


Let us help you find and keep the right people.


We find innovative ways to integrate technology into your business.

What We Learned at ACX’19

The CH Consulting Group team had an amazing time at ACX’19! We had the pleasure of joining industry professionals from CX leading companies such as Amazon, Google, Uber, Ring, USAA, Shutterfly, and so many more. The week was filled with fun, laughs, new friends and...

3 Winning Strategies for Customer Experience Management in Your Contact Center

I talk a lot about the importance of customer experience data in my blog because I am a firm believer that it is a major component of success for a contact center business. However, for data to be useful and compelling, we must have a means to measure it. Tracking the...

The Role of Cyber Security in the Customer Experience

Guest Blog from Stacey Pierce Data breaches are a common occurrence in this day and age, and vulnerability can cost you far more than physical theft - it can cost you your customers. This is why it is important that your business has a comprehensive cyber-security...

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