Guest Blog from Emma Smith, PR and Content Manager at Fonvirtual.

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, can be defined as the sale, marketing and distribution of products and services through the internet. Today, more customers are making purchases online directly through the internet rather than physical stores. However, there are still a few people who are skeptical about making online purchases due to their lack of trust in the e-commerce market.

Thanks to various new technological tools that have been developed over recent years, lack of trust in honest e-commerce websites can be put to an end. These new tools allow potential customers to become more comfortable when making purchases through the internet. Customers can contact businesses quickly and efficiently if they have any questions about a product or service. With these improvements in online customer service, there is no need for a physical store.

However, if your company decides to launch an e-commerce website, you will also need to focus on the appearance of the website. Just as you would with a physical store, the website must also appear attractive and inviting in order for customers to stay on that particular page.

E-commerce offers a wide variety of possibilities to customers and sellers. Although it offers many advantages and benefits, there are a few disadvantages as well. One particular disadvantage is the lack of contact between the company and the customer. Customer service is one of the key factors of maintaining a successful e-commerce website. It is essential for companies to to offer high quality customer service in order to find solutions to their customers problems or concerns.

Tools for Success

Making a simple phone call greatly improves this issue. But what if they are calling from a different state or country? With a call center software, they are able to make phone calls from anywhere in the world, at any time, and speak to the next available representative. Offering help and assistance is key if you want to improve your company image.

A virtual PBX phone service is another option that optimizes your customer service. Some features of a virtual PBX includes being able to customize greetings, create waiting queues for customers that are on hold, voice mail boxes so they can leave a message, list office hours, and more. Just like most physical franchises, when a customer makes a call, they can select a menu option and speak with the next available customer service agent. So why not try this for your online store?

By letting online customers speak with another human being, it gives a much more personal and welcoming experience to your website. They will know they will get assistance when they need it, and they will be able to speak to someone as quickly as possible.

Next, if you want your e-commerce to sell globally and online, it makes sense to have a virtual phone number. A virtual phone number is a regular phone number that can have any area or country code that you choose, despite your current location. It isn’t actually associated with any physical place, because it works and stores data through the cloud. If you decide to associate your virtual phone number with a virtual PBX phone system, you can make and receive calls from a normal landline phone, or from any internet browser on your cell phone or computer. Virtual numbers help bring distant customers closer, and help increase your sales for your online business.

Imagine you want to establish a customer base in both Europe and the United States. Customers who are located in both locations will trust your company more if they know that they can call a customer service number with their country area code at any time. If there is a foreign area code to them, they feel as though the company is also too distant, might not answer because of the time difference, and may have a cost associated with the call. By using an international virtual phone number, you can list a number that is customized for that specific country, with no foreign calling costs. You want your customers to feel confident that they will receive the help that they need, when they need it.

Thanks to these new technological innovations, your customer service for your e-commerce website is ready to succeed. Now, you may enjoy all of the advantages that selling online has to offer, and make your customers feel closer to your business than ever before.

Biography: Emma Smith, PR and content manager at Fonvirtual. I’m interested in digital marketing, technology and international logistics. I enjoy writing for blogs where I spread the word of telecom services in international business.

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