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CX Strategy

We review your customer experience strategy and processes
to help identify areas of improvement and growth.

Process Improvement

Customer Journey & Touchpoint Optimization

CH Consulting Group will assess your current workflows, processes, and business methodologies to determine the best course of action. Our goal is to simplify your current processes so that you can deliver a lean, effective service strategy. Components of our proven and effective process improvement methodology include:

  • Process mapping and visualization
  • Reduction of manual tasks and replacement with automation where possible
  • Identification and reduction of redundancies
  • Identification of the right resources
  • Review and revision of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as necessary
  • Process improvement plan implementation


Deliver an exceptional customer experience through CX analytics

The CH Consulting Group team possesses an intimate understanding of CX analytics and how to best leverage customer data to help your organization make educated decisions. Data can quickly become unmanageable if not properly tracked or vetted, which is why the CHCG team can support your analytic efforts to help you determine the effectiveness of your current CX strategy.

When you work with CHCG to support your analytics efforts, we can help ensure you are delivering a consistent and personalized customer experience, accurately collecting actionable insights, and making smart decisions based on the data you are collecting. This will help you better understand your customer, which will significantly improve your customer experience and drive brand loyalty.

Sales/Growth Strategy

Optimized Sales & Growth Strategy

CH Consulting Group can support your organization’s sales and growth goals by way of designing a clearly defined strategy, identifying areas of opportunity, and providing an actionable roadmap for optimization. We assess and provide strategic input on all areas of business development and marketing strategy while providing an Expertise with multi-channel lead generation and marketing management around customer experience solutions, web design & development, social media and digital marketing. If you find that your sales are sluggish and your leads are at a record low, we would love to get a chance to learn more about your business and show you how we can help increase brand awareness, leads and sales!

Merger/Acquisition Planning

Premier Merger & Acquisition Services

CH Consulting Group is here when you are ready to expand your business or realign company resources. Whether buying or selling, we can help you successfully navigate through the acquisition process. Our team has more than one billion hours of managed dialing experience and more than 250+ years of experience working with call centers across industries. In short, we know a lot of people, which is an invaluable resource in any industry. Looking to buy or sell? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll connect you with the acquisition partners that make sense for your business.

Insource VS Outsource

Debating Between Insourcing vs Outsourcing?

With over 250+ years of collective experience in the contact center industry, the CH Consulting Group team truly understand the all the in-sourced, outsourced, and hybrid models that exist today. We can help assess your business and help you determine which model is aligned with your business needs, goals, and growth strategy.

In order to help you determine which model works best for you, we create financial business modeling based on different scenarios (ex. insourcing, outsourcing, hybrid) to show you which scenario will provide higher ROI and efficiency. In addition to providing you with an ROI-driven business case, we also provide additional intimate insights on the nuances of insourcing vs. outsourcing vs. hybrid that you should consider in your decision-making process.

Interim Leadership

Interim Executive-Level Leadership

Both large and small companies hire CH Consulting Group to provide executive-level leadership for a variety of reasons: whether to fill a position on an interim basis during the search for a permanent leader, or to provide services on a part-time basis without having to hire a full-time position. Our fractional leadership and support include changes in management and supervision, additional guidance or manpower to help carry out staff training/development or new technology roll-outs. As well as filling interim needs or vacancies, project planning, growth strategy, project implementation and/or project management assistance. If you are in need of temporary or part-time executive-level leadership to help drive change and growth in your organization, we’d like to learn more about your business and see how we can support your vision.