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Allen Kruse

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Corporate/Public Relations, Marketing/Sales Experience, Online Media Advertising/Content, Strategic Planning, Process Development and Review, Brand Management, Online News Media, Production/Program Management, Corporate Management and Business Development

Why CH Consulting?

Working as a management consultant with CH Consulting Group has every element I am looking for in a job: the opportunity to have impact, learn, be able to meet new and amazing people everyday, and to work alongside people that I respect.  It’s a pretty unique place.

My passion

My passion at CHCG centers around bringing added diversity to the already great team that Christa has assembled, and through that, being able to help our clients to achieve their corporate goals.

Outside of CHCG, my passion is international travel. I love being able to visit new places and experience new cultures. It allows you to raise your own self-awareness and how your conceptions about the world may change by something as simple as a visit.

My personal results story

For the last 15 years, I have been honored to be the co-founder at multiple endeavors in a variety of industries.  By being a serial entrepreneur and industrialist, I seem to always have my ear to the ground on what next opportunity may come along and ultimately catch my attention.  But the one thing that I always take away from each opportunity, is that I am always learning.  Being able to take away from every experience (good or bad), makes you not only a better entrepreneur but a better leader.

A final thought

Consulting is at its very core – an apprenticeship. As such, it gives you the opportunity to learn every day, even as a senior partner.  Step back and think about everything you learned on a given day, with a specific client, or even the entire year. Never forget to ask a lot of questions.

Only after being able to absorb and process everything that you learned, can you become a master of the trade and enjoy mentoring and developing others.


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Lessons from NECCF

Several of my team members and I recently had the opportunity to attend the annual Northeast Contact Center Forum(NECCF) at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, home

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