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Top Reasons to Move Your Contact Center from On-Site to the Cloud

You may have heard of the benefits of cloud-based contact centers, such as Contact Center as a Solution (CCaaS), for businesses of various sizes, and wonder if it would benefit your business to make the move from an on-premises contact center to a cloud-based solution. Cloud-based contact centers can help businesses remain competitive and meet ever-changing customer expectations by offering more flexibility, cost advantages, and increased efficiency and scalability. This results in better performance metrics, more revenue, and better customer experiences.

In this article, we explore the top reasons for moving your contact center from an on-site to a cloud-based solution.

Reduced Costs
One of the major advantages of cloud-based contact centers is that they provide a significant cost savings to operations. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Consistent monthly billing rates that include maintenance. Unlike with on-premises contact centers, instead of having to spend money on buying and maintaining expensive software and equipment, you can instead use the money to improve the customer experience.
  • When your cloud-based contact center solution has regular technology updates, your business benefits from this without costing it more. This helps to keep your contact center operating effectively and helps to keep agents and customers happy with up-to-date features.

Improved Scalability
The volume of work for contact centers can fluctuate during the year as the amount of customer inquiries for businesses shift, especially during the holidays. This makes it important for contact centers to be able to adjust their capacity levels. This is easier for cloud-based contact centers to accomplish because their software and hardware is in the cloud so agents and resources can be added or reduced as needed.

A Higher Level of Security
For contact centers, it’s especially essential for the security and privacy aspects of operations to always be well-managed. For on-premises contact centers, it is more challenging to maintain a high level of security, and to do it cost effectively, because it needs to be done for various on-site locations with their corresponding systems. On the other hand, cloud-based solutions can do the following:

  • Provide a higher level of security and in a more cohesive manner. Compliance aspects are usually included.
  • Make it easy to add new rules and procedures so that your company can maintain compliance.
  • Help prevent data loss and corruption and can provide detailed activity logs.

In addition, cloud-based providers stay up to date about security threats and have staff that specializes in security.

Seamless Omni-Channel Capabilities
Cloud-based contact center solutions help provide a seamless omni-channel experience for customers by helping make the channels work together throughout the customer journey. This reduces negative customer experiences such as customers having to repeat information about their inquiry.

According to an article by Netari about moving your contact center to the cloud, businesses that have moved to a cloud-based contact center solution have had an increase in customer satisfaction:

“A recent study showed that organizations using a CCaaS solution reported 18% higher CSAT and 36% greater likelihood that a customer would recommend the organization based on service experience, compared to organizations with traditional, on-premises contact center technologies.”

In addition, to increase the effectiveness of the customer experience, cloud-based contact center solutions are customizable to different businesses and the various customer journeys of their customers.

Happier Customers and Employees
With the more sophisticated tools and options of a cloud-based contact center, agents are more likely to achieve their metric goals, and at lower costs. According to Pipkins research, the retention rate for on-premises contact center agents is 25%, versus 80% for remote workers. 


Ultimately, the benefits of cloud-based solutions can add up to happier customers and employees and a more successful business. To learn more about the benefits of moving your contact center to the cloud and how CH Consulting Group can help make the transition seamless, contact us today.

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