Work from Home 101 & Optimization Best Practices

CH Consulting Group consultant and contact center expert, Wayne Barnes, discusses Work from Home (WFH) progress in the pandemic era: panic, normalization and optimization. When pandemic first hit, there was a lot of panic. How do we quickly roll out WFH staff? How do we ensure they are effective and compliant? Many companies used temporary “band-aid” solutions that would work in a pinch, but are not viable long-term options. As the COVID-19 restrictions settled in and a new “normal” was established it’s now time to start optimizing your WFH staff to ensure your WFH agents are performing at a high level. Tune in as Wayne discusses how your organization can optimize WFH staff.

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Voice of the Customer with Christa Heibel

CH Consulting founder and CEO, Christa Heibel discusses how Voice of the Customer may be the missing piece in your contact center operations. Watch this recorded presentation from the PACE annual Convention & Expo #ACX’21.

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Compliance Update with Berni Hollinger

CH Consulting Group presents this recorded session from our virtual booth at PACE #ACX21. Watch Johnny Brassell, who has had career assignments in Telcom, Cable/Internet, Health Care and Pharmacy, along with achieving functional expertise in Customer Care, Vendor and Project Management, Call Center Implementation, Product Management and Training speak with industry pro and CHCG consultant Bernadette (Berni) Hollinger fills us in on all things compliance-related.

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