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Top 5 Underutilized Contact Center Software Capabilities

The contact center industry develops continuously, as does the technology used to optimize performance. To remain competitive, businesses must keep up with these changes, and many do by investing in robust contact center software. However, much of this beneficial technology goes underutilized. In fact, according to the 2020 SaaS trends report, the average company wastes more than $135,000 annually on unused, underused, or duplicate SaaS tools. In this blog, we explore the five most underutilized contact center software capabilities.

Workforce Management and Optimization

It’s not uncommon for contact center leaders to not realize their Workforce Management processes are not aligned with industry best practices. A broken WFM model can lead to customer frustration, account closures and lost revenue.

If you’re not fully utilizing your WFM technology, you’re missing out on a lot of functionality, including:

  • Making forecasting easier and more accurate. WFM software helps predict idle times and higher volume during busier times, such as holidays. This helps ensure there are enough employees available to maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Helping the contact center maintain compliance.
  • Allowing for the assigning of shifts to employees quickly and easily and letting agents manage their schedules and request work times and time off. This fosters better work-life balance and increases employee satisfaction.
  • Showing important KPIs. By monitoring and collecting important information, contact center operations can be optimized more effectively.
  • Providing information on agent performance and helping to assess how well agents are doing based on factors such as their job roles and skills. It also helps with identifying what causes employees to do well and find areas for coaching.
  • In addition to the above, WFM software lets you create gamification systems that engage, challenge, motivate, and reward employees.

Voice Analytics

With voice analytics technology, AI analyzes large amounts of information from conversations. If you’re not using this function of contact center software, you’re missing vital data that impacts everything from customer experience to employee engagement and more. Voice analytics lets you:

  • Monitor the quality of calls, level of customer care, and compliance.
  • Identify and reduce areas of customer effort.
  • Identify coaching and upselling opportunities.
  • Automate tasks, provide real-time analytics, and detect customer emotions.

QA and Quality Management Systems

QA and Quality Management software systems can enhance your contact center operations by helping you:

  • Pinpoint areas of your services that have flaws and need improvement.
  • Gather customer feedback, such as through emails or at the end of a conversation with an agent.
  • Assess agent performance, identify areas where agents can do better, and provide customized and engaging training for them.
  • In addition, Omni-channel capabilities help to optimize communication with customers and improve the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

SMS and Live Chat

SMS and live chat software helps to make communication with customers more efficient. Here are some of the benefits you may be missing by underutilized capabilities you likely already have:

  • Allow customers to conveniently start a conversation and get information and notifications. Agents can enter conversations and track conversation threads.
  • Reduce average handle time and increase the amount of cases that can be handled.
  • Messages can be saved so customers do not need to repeat themselves when they speak to a new agent.
  • With omnichannel capabilities, agents can get messages from various platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


Security and Fraud

Having systems that can effectively prevent fraud and the breach of data is an essential part of securing a contact center. When customers feel their data is secure, they will be more likely to stay with a company long-term and recommend the company to others. If you’re not fulling utilizing your contact center software, you may be missing important security and fraud capabilities including:

  • Monitor and increased awareness of security issues.
  • Help improve data management. It makes business process automation, the streamlining of data processing, workflows, and data cleanup easier.
  • Allow businesses to better understand the data in their organization, how it is used, and how it travels through the organization.
  • Increase customer privacy, which increases customer trust and loyalty.
  • Increase credibility and protect and enhance brand reputation.

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