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The Importance of Strategic Planning (And how we can help.)

As business leaders, you know the importance of strategic planning. Having a clear understanding of your business goals and how to achieve them helps you stay focused and therefore, better serve your teams and other stakeholders. But being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at (or even enjoy) the planning process. For many, the thought of putting pen to paper and committing to a 6- or 12-month plan is right up there with shoveling feet of snow in 30 below zero temps (which I’ve done plenty).   

Much of a leader’s success relies on knowing your weaknesses and when it makes sense to call in partners who can get a task done allowing you to focus on the things you love and excel at. What’s more, having a third-party perspective can be a great benefit. Outside advisors often identify new opportunities and threats those close to the business miss.  

CH Consulting Group does just that with our 360° Assessment. My team and I thoroughly review current people, processes and technology to provide insights into your business operations including IT, WFM, training, QA and more. By analyzing the current state, trends and budget we design a strategic plan that clearly lays out the “where, why and how” of your business goals.

Our 360° Assessment is always an “ah-ha” moment for clients.
In fact, many of them adopt this document as their road map for the coming years, using it to ensure they’re on track to hit key milestones on the way to larger goals.

Without a strong strategic plan that includes a deep understanding of the current state of your business and where you want it to go, it’s difficult to ignore the noise inherent in any industry. Leaders can easily become distracted by the latest and greatest trend or technology if they don’t have a clear vision of the future. That’s not to say strategic plans can’t be tweaked to respond to changing markets, but overall, they help leaders say “no” (or at least “not now”) to things that don’t directly serve the organization’s primary goals.

As the name suggests, our 360° Assessment provides a view of your business from all angles to determine how to optimize your current contact center environment for maximum results, including:

  • Contact Center Processes
  • Call Center Metrics
  • Agent Recruiting and Training
  • Customer Satisfaction

We review past performance, current state and industry trends to predict its future performance. Like shoveling snow from entryways, driveways and sidewalks, the result is a clear path through distractions and challenges.   

If strategic planning isn’t one of your strengths, you simply don’t have the time and resources to devote to it, or you’re curious about what an experienced and trusted third-party would advise for the coming year, I invite you to contact me. Yes, strategic planning is a large undertaking, but like snow removal, I’ve done it hundreds of times.

Here’s to a prosperous New Year!

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