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Benefits of ERGs in the Contact Center

ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) can be an important asset within an organization to help enhance the employee experience as well as business success. Here we explain what ERGs are and how they can benefit the contact center.

What Are Employee Resource Groups?
Essentially, ERGs provide an opportunity for individuals within an organization to build groups with people who have similar experiences and identities, voice their thoughts, and provide volunteering or mentorship opportunities. Another goal is to help develop company policies regarding inclusion and diversity.

According to Paycor, an ERG is defined as “a network within a company where employees meet up (in person or remotely) based on shared characteristics, experiences or goals. The groups offer a chance to network and socialize, work on professional development, and to raise awareness of relevant issues.”

ERGs tend to represent minority or underrepresented groups and are usually formed for segments of the population such as LGBTQI+, veterans, people of color, women, young professionals, and those with disabilities. They are led by employees to create a comfortable and supportive environment for group members. ERGs are also known as affinity groups or business network groups and have grown in popularity as companies have made strides to increase their DEI&A programs.

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Retention and Recruitment
Employees who are happy in their work environment are more likely to stay with their current employers, less likely to look for new jobs with different companies, and more likely to recommend the companies they work for. Also, employees who feel more belonging in their workplace have a higher sense of satisfaction. According to Task Human:

“Employees with higher workplace belonging showed a 167 percent increase in their employee promoter score (their willingness to recommend their company to others) and a 50 percent drop in turnover risk. Employees with high belonging scores also received double the raises and 18 times more promotions.”

By helping to foster employee belonging, ERGs benefit employees as well as the entire organization. Engaged employees are more likely to stay with a company, be more productive and provide better customer service. Employee Resource Groups can also help attract new talent. What’s more, an organization that has ERGs shows it cares about diversity and inclusivity and is more likely to attract a more diverse group of talent, which is good for business.

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Company Image
By helping facilitate diversity and belonging through ERGs, companies can achieve their goals in these areas while also helping to enhance the company image. What’s more, during events, ERGs frequently network with similar ERGs and share perspectives. These groups also participate in community service. According to a Mercer study, 78 percent of respondents report an increase in corporate brand image due to community service activities.

Increased Innovation
In organizations, various teams or departments tend to work separately and don’t communicate with each other often. ERGs help to bridge this gap since they are made up of employees from various roles, teams, and departments. This helps to create an element of diversity in the ERG groups which results in diverse perspectives from the members. The individuals in the groups can connect and share ideas that can facilitate innovation in the company.

Increased Engagement
By having ERGs, companies can connect employees, no matter where they are. When employees feel a higher sense of belonging in the organization, they also feel more valued, and engagement and productivity increases. Belonging has been tied to mattering, identification, and social connection. Studies have shown that belonging is linked to a 56 percent increase in job performance and a 75 percent decrease in sick days. What’s more, companies in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians.

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Solutions Based on Experience
CH Consulting Group is dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and access (DEI&A) in our culture and in the workplaces of the clients we serve. Christa Heibel, CH Consulting Group Founder and President, has worked with groups including the Professional Associations for Customer Engagement (PACE) in helping support and promote DEI&A content.  

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