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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Healthcare Contact Center

Outsourcing healthcare contact center services has become increasingly important. Patients want medical care that is effective and quickly responds to their needs. Without dedicated and efficient call center support, healthcare organizations can experience more issues such as dissatisfied patients and increased in-house staff turnover.

Improved Patient Care

The welfare of patients is impacted by the quality of care, services, and information they receive. Having resources such as live agents who help to optimize the healthcare process is a significant asset to healthcare providers. Agents that are skilled in healthcare understand what patients require, can address their various circumstances, and increase patient customer satisfaction.

Better Call Volume Management

A contact center team that is specialized in handling patient needs can help relieve the work volume of your in-house medical staff. It can also handle many calls while simultaneously resolving inquiries in one interaction and making sure call abandonment rates and hold times remain low. With an increased demand for telehealth care, the ability to effectively manage calls has become especially important.

Improved Scaling

In-house teams have limited capacity. But outsourcing provides more flexibility, scalability, and helps reduce costs. By outsourcing your healthcare contact center needs, you have access to more resources, teams, expertise, and technology, which can be scaled as your business grows. Capacity can also be reduced as needed.

Better Collections Processes

The collections process is a significant part of a healthcare system. Outsourcing collections tasks to a contact center can increase the effectiveness of the collections process and department. Various features can be implemented such as automated payments.  

Reduced Errors and Mistakes

In the healthcare industry, the reliability and accuracy of information is crucial. Having a dedicated call center that keeps up with and uses the most current technology is essential for having data travel effectively to patients from medical organizations. By outsourcing healthcare contact center tasks, medical organizations can focus on what they do best, providing quality patient care, optimizing operations, and avoiding errors and costly mistakes.

Optimized Staff Efficiency

When you outsource healthcare contact center tasks, the call center you work with will handle staffing, allowing you to concentrate on your specialization and optimizing the skills of your in-house staff. In addition, outsourcing healthcare contact center services can help with increasing patient engagement and offering proactive patient services.

Compliance and Patient Privacy Assurance

Compliance and the safeguarding of patient information is an important aspect of the healthcare industry. Patients need to know their sensitive information is safe and properly handled in order to trust a medical organization. By using a trusted contact center company for outsourcing, you can ensure patient data is kept secure and compliance is followed. Alternatively, you can also decide to keep sensitive data in-house and only outsource tasks that don’t involve the handling of this type of information.


Activity Records and Prescriptions Management Assistance

Having a dedicated healthcare contact center helping your organization can assist you with streamlining your business processes. This helps with assessing compliance and adherence to service level agreements. In addition, your contact center partner can help you to manage patient prescriptions, activity records and other tasks to help improve the efficiency of your organization.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Increased patient satisfaction is a primary benefit of outsourcing healthcare contact center services. Because these contact centers are specialized in what they do, they are optimized for patient satisfaction.

CH Consulting Group partners with healthcare clients to help recruit, hire, and train HIPAA-compliant contact center staff with a focus on healthcare resolutions, efficiency, and high empathy. With our years of experience in the contact center industry, we’re able to provide more effective triaging of patient calls, email, chat, or text. This expertise, combined with technology allows us to engage with your patients more efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how together we can help improve the patient experience.

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