CH Consulting Group can support your business through strategic, consultative services for call center consolidation. We can examine the current state of your call centers and develop a consolidation strategy that would best drive efficiencies in five primary areas: operations, technology, facilities, and processes. The goal is to convert your core company competency (ex. Customer Care of Sales) into a consolidated, strategic asset and improve standardization and efficiencies company-wide.

Depending on the number of call center locations, CHCG recommends a systematic approach for the site visit where we visit the corporate office plus a sample selection of call center sites. This will allow CHCG to efficiently assess current state of call center operations. Our strategy will provide you with:

  • Operations Strategy – CHCG will provide an action plan for short-term operational improvements that will allow you to experience instant operational cost savings. These low-hanging fruit opportunities can help to offset the investment needed to implement full consolidation recommendations
  • Return on Investment and ROI based modeling, if needed – Where there is opportunity to run modeling based on recommendations that will result in improved cost management and/or KPI improvements, CHCG will provide assistance and samples of models to evaluate options on process, technology, work force management and workflow improvements including outsourcing scenarios.
  • High Level Call Center Consolidation Strategy – Based upon the initial assessment CHCG will provide a high-level call center consolidation plan with recommendations that will employ a disciplined, systematic approach that provides you with significant operation cost savings and gained customer experience benefits including draft technical requirements.
  • High level draft consolidation draft timeline/plan— Including full timeline draft, key milestones, and resources required
  • Location consolidation cost analysis and recommendations– full labor market analysis, infrastructure costs, cap ex, technology for up to 4 identified markets


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