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How Can a Management Consultant Help Your Business in 2021?

CH Consulting Group is an established business consulting group that provides expert guidance with proven results. Working with over 156 partners across 12 counties we have saved our customers more than $899,500,000.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the quality of service that we provide, as well as the affordability of our global consulting program.

Covering a wide range of operational procedures from employees, productivity, and IT systems we can offer guidance and comprehensive assistance across key areas of business development and restructuring that includes: 

  • Operations
  • Strategy 
  • Technology

As a veteran management consulting group we know that operations are at the heart of any call center and our extensive experience means that you can benefit from an improved customer experience via training and retention while comprehensive assessment of processes can streamline your efficiency and implementing new and emerging technologies will help realize an effective and modern solution.

Contact Center Operations

Primarily, we can support you through our dedicated contact center training program that not only covers agents but management and recruitment as well. Your agents will receive the best possible training in order to satisfy both their goals and the customer. This training includes current and new skill development that will result in a better customer experience.

In addition, executive and emerging leaders’ leadership development ensures that you are able to increase the productivity of your upper management employees through personal and professional development coaching resulting in an enhanced WFM. Optimizing your WFM ensures that you can avoid the fate of other companies that have closed because of the lost revenue associated with a broken model.

Customer Experience Strategies 

The current workflows, processes, and methodologies of your business will need to be assessed effectively in order to deliver an optimal customer experience strategy. This involves not only simplifying your process by identifying redundancies and reviewing potentially harmful operating procedures but effectively managing your process automation and resources following the implementation of a comprehensive process visualization plan. 

The best possible results will be yielded by a combination of hyper-modern techniques that include data analytics and growth strategies. By actively processing and analyzing data, we can develop a personalized customer experience plan that will help you engage more effectively with existing customers while a multi-channel sales and growth strategy will further compound this through digital marketing, social media, and effective web development.

Emerging Technology

Your current and newly developed systems will all be optimized following a review of all technical aspects of your current configuration that aims to identify outdated technology and digital procedures that could be costing you money. An up-to-date IT strategy is vital to any modern business and not only includes the use of IT systems but cybersecurity and data protection as well.

A new IT strategy for your company will be formed around such core matters as system optimization, project management, and technology evaluation. Many components of an IT system may need updating or removed altogether such as webchat and email while IT testing such as security penetration will need to be assessed any necessary software that your business can benefit from or requires will be obtained and installed from any number of reputable vendors that we work with. 

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