Contact center consulting process


Customer service and customer experience have never been more critical. As research suggests that over 90% of consumers would abandon a brand due to poor customer service, businesses that operate contact and call centers must recognize the value of exceptional customer service and a positive, memorable customer experience (source). This guide will discuss the processes involved in contact center consulting and outline the main benefits of working with a customer experience consulting company. 

Contact center consulting process.

CH Consulting Group specializes in contact center consulting, utilizing tried and tested processes to optimize call center operations, improve and enhance customer service and customer experience and boost efficiency. Contact center consulting can help you to draw up and implement a targeted, compelling customer experience strategy. The steps involved include

Analyzing, evaluating, and improving existing processes

The first step of contact center consulting involves carrying out detailed analysis and evaluation of existing processes, methodologies, and workflow systems. The aim is to build on strengths and identify weaknesses to enhance performance. Experienced consultants can streamline procedures, increase efficiency by cutting out time-consuming processes, utilize innovative technology and automation, and simplify operations to improve workflow, save time, and provide a superior service for customers. Examples of process improvement techniques and methods include:

  • Replacing repetitive, time-consuming manual tasks with automated technology
  • Process mapping, analysis, and evaluation
  • Identifying and eliminating redundant processes
  • Pinpointing effective resources
  • Reviewing and updating standard operating procedures
  • Implementing plans for improvement moving forward

Analytics and data management

Businesses and organizations have access to vast amounts of data today. While it is beneficial to collect and analyze data, the sheer volume of data can become overwhelming. Customer experience consultants can help clients identify relevant figures and metrics and harness the power of data to improve customer experience. Understanding how to use data effectively enables organizations that manage and operate contact centers to leverage customer data to inform decisions and take steps to enhance user experience. 

When you work with contact center consultants, you can take advantage of data, gaining access to customer insights, and using the information to deliver a more consistent, tailored personalized customer experience. 

Establishing and working towards growth goals

One of the most significant benefits of a customer experience strategy is maximizing the chances of achieving growth and development goals. You need to align your plan with key objectives. If you are struggling to generate or convert leads or raise brand awareness and spread the word, call center consultants can design and implement a strategy that recognizes these targets. Consultants draw up actionable plans to work towards and achieve goals, grow organizations and identify opportunities for further development. 

The consulting process covers a broad spectrum of methodologies and techniques that work together to help organizations enjoy positive results. Consultants have expertise in multi-channel marketing, and they can use their experience and skills to make a positive difference. A targeted strategy can help you increase leads, enhance the quality of information to boost conversion rates, improve brand awareness and supercharge sales. 

Mergers and acquisitions

CH Consulting Group has extensive experience in helping organizations to navigate the processes of buying and selling. With a far-reaching contact network that spans several industries, consultants can connect companies with prospective buyers or sellers to facilitate seamless transactions. 

Developing effective business models

Contact centers adopt a range of models, including insourcing, outsourcing, and hybrid setups. Contact center consultants use their experience to identify the best business models based on the individual requirements of the center, the primary business objectives, and the organization’s growth strategy. Using innovative technology and software, consultants can use modeling based on different scenarios to help you determine which system would work best for your organization. Modeling can highlight opportunities to boost ROI, save money and implement more effective, streamlined staffing systems. 

What are the benefits of contact center consulting?

Customer experience is increasingly important for organizations across all sectors. With consumers more interested in connecting with brands and businesses and reviews carrying more weight than ever, going the extra mile to provide an outstanding customer experience can make all the difference. 

Working with a call center consultant offers many benefits for those keen to enhance customer experience and improve customer service ratings. These include:

  • Working with experienced call center consultants who have in-depth knowledge of customer experience in contact centers and the steps involved in creating and providing a first-class customer experience.
  • Extensive experience in working with contact center managers across a diverse range of industries. CH Consulting Group recognizes the unique requirements of clients and the challenges call center executives to face. 
  • Tailored services: every contact center is different. Consultants draw up and implement plans that target individual clients. Strategies recognize key business objectives, budgets, staffing structures, and business models.
  • Utilizing data: data is precious, and it can play an influential role in optimizing the customer experience and setting a business apart from its rivals. Knowledgeable consultants can identify useful metrics and use analytics to identify weak points and make adjustments. 
  • Accessing a wide range of services: CH Consulting Group provides a wide range of services designed to enhance contact center performance, save time and money and optimize customer service and experience. 


Organizations across the world are becoming increasingly aware of the importance and value of customer experience. If you operate a contact center, working with an experienced call center consultant can help you achieve key business objectives, streamline operations to boost efficiency, and ensure your customers positively perceive your brand or organization. 

If you would like to find out more about the services available or discuss your requirements more, don’t hesitate to contact CH Consulting Group

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