Characteristics of the Best Managed Contact Centers

Guest Blog Author: Michael Bowling, VP of National Sales at ContactUS

You may have read my past guest blogs for CH Consulting Group regarding the most recent ICMI Contact Center Expo in Fort Lauderdale, specifically for the keynote speaker sessions. I would like to switch gears and talk about the amazing breakout sessions. For this blog, let’s talk about the very helpful (and quite well attended) session lead by Nate Brown (EHS Sustainability) and Brad Cleveland (ICMI), featuring data and observations from ICMI’s consulting practice. This session set forth the observed traits, with three “ingredients” rising above the others. It also invited a self-assessment of the attendee’s own contact center function.

Best Managed Characteristics included the following:

  1. Delivers significant value to the organization
  2. Customer-focused culture
  3. Knows that people are key to the center’s success
  4. Cultivates effective processes
  5. Effectively leverages technology
  6. Gets the budget and support they need
  7. Continuously innovates

Three critical “ingredients” that ensure success are:

  1. Clear connection between corporate vision and tasks
  2. Deep connection to work at all levels
  3. Fearlessness in pursuit of attaining the seven characteristics.

Even better, Nate and Brad offered the audience access to a self-explanatory assessment sheet with recommendations for effective use that can be found at: – check it out!

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