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Breaking Up (with your BPO) is Hard to Do: Part Three

Learn From Your Mistakes and Move on!

A breakup with your BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) vendor can be a painful experience especially if you’ve shared many years of “togetherness”. But there is such a thing as a good breakup as opposed to a bad breakup.

A good breakup is when you are able to get past the negative aspects of the relationship and develop concrete corrective steps that can lead you to a better relationship the next time around. A bad breakup is what happens when you’re none the wiser. You keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again and your contact center business keeps crumbling as a result.

We Don’t See Eye-to-Eye

The most common reason for breakups with business partners is when both sides don’t seem to be heading in the same direction. This can be because of reasons as simple as communication problems or more complicated issues like implementation or business process management. If you are not seeing eye-to-eye with a business partner or the same mistakes keep happening over and over again, maybe it’s time to think about third-party intervention.

Is There a Doctor in The House?

The best form of intervention for a contact center business is hiring the services of a contact center consultant/advisor. A consultant can provide in-depth reporting and insight into what’s going right in your business and what’s not. They can also help you plug the gaps in your business and show you how to improve your operations management and returns. Consultants can also function like the proverbial matchmaker and assist you with finding a better BPO vendor if there’s no fixing the relationship.

Finding Your Business Partner Soulmate

Successful contact center business owners are constantly learning from their mistakes and refining their strategies at each stage of their business. The key here is to reflect on the mistakes that have been made in the past and understand how you can make things right.

Have a clear vision and goal of what your expectations are from potential BPO vendor partners. Use the recommendations and corrective measures proposed by your consultant as a roadmap to work with. Fill in the details. Proceed to the RFI and RFP stages with your consultant who can help you with finding the best fit.

Let’s Make It Work

Once you’ve found the perfect or near-perfect business partner, be willing to develop a strong business relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and strong communication. It’s important to establish expectations early on in the relationship and catch and correct problems as soon as possible.

Strong business partnerships are a two-way street. If both partners are willing to roll up their sleeves, get down to business and do the work, there’s no reason why the relationship can’t be successful and mutually gratifying.

Also, remember that building solid relationships with your Business Process Outsourcing vendor takes time. Be willing to put in the time to nurture the relationship, touch base regularly, and maintain strong channels of communication at all times for best results.

To help optimize your internal processes and build a mutually beneficial relationship with a BPO partner, get in touch with one of our contact center consultants for professional guidance.

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