A Letter from PACE Vice Chair and Marketing Chair, Christa Heibel, as featured in the PACE Pulse (May 2019) Newsletter

Dear Current & Potential PACE Members,

As Vice Chair of the PACE National Board of Directors and the Marketing Committee Chair, I have been working diligently with the PACE management team and the Marketing Committee to help take our association to the next level. We are laser-focused on positioning our esteemed organization as a leader for customer experience, contact center, omni-channel and cloud expertise that businesses need today. Part of our vision is to provide our members with the education, resources, and tools that they need to deliver an excellent customer experience in the contact center space.

We recently held ACX’19 in San Antonio a few weeks ago and I know first-hand that the PACE management team and the National Board of Directors worked incredibly hard this year to deliver an amazing convention. Now that I have had some time to reflect on ACX’19, I am pleased to say that we are much, much closer to that vision!

Why PACE is Important

This is the time to get involved! New personal data security laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, are proving to be a navigation nightmare for businesses across the U.S. Many companies aren’t sure how to prepare themselves for these new laws and face heavy fines for non-compliance. Fortunately, PACE is at the forefront of these pressing issues and will work to be an advocate and resource for all customer engagement organizations across the nation. When you join PACE, you get access to our influential and experienced industry professionals and subject matter experts. We will help you navigate the often-confusing landscape of compliance and ensure that your organization has the tools and resources it needs to cultivate a well-rounded customer experience. In addition, we are our members’ biggest advocates. We understand the challenges and obstacles that our members face, and we work with lawmakers, on the state and federal level, to put forth legislation that best benefits our industry as a whole.

The Evolution of PACE

For many years, PACE has been largely known as the leader in compliance education for outbound contact centers. But did you know that PACE is the only non-profit trade association dedicated exclusively to the advancement of companies that engage with their customers via the contact center? Yes, compliance is still a key component of what we offer our members, but as was evident from ACX’19, we offer businesses so much more! PACE is evolving into a more well-rounded organization that emphasizes the following pillars:

  • Partnerships
  • Advocacy
  • Customer Experience
  • Education & Compliance

PACE and its National Board of Directors is comprised of hundreds of contact center experts. As an organization, we truly understand Customer Experience, Operations, Technology, AI, Data Analytics, Workforce Management, Training, and all the challenges that contact centers face today. A PACE Membership gives you access to this expertise and knowledge! On that note, I’d like to ask for your help.

Spread the Word

As a PACE member, you understand the benefits that your membership provides. The varying tiers include, but are not limited to the following benefits:

  • Access to our PACE Resource and Supplier Directory
  • Access to Member Forums, Directories, Libraries and Communities
  • Access to association resources and educational opportunities
  • Contact Center Operational Certifications

Help us spread the word to your colleagues on how PACE has impacted your business! Here are just a few ways you can help:

I speak on behalf of PACE when I say that we truly appreciate your continued support of our association! It is through our members’ efforts, support, and expertise that we have been able to grow and sustain ourselves throughout the years. If you are not yet a member, reach out! We would love to share how we can help you and your business thrive!


Christa Heibel

Vice Chair, PACE National Board of Director

CEO, CH Consulting Group

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