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What Is Fractional Leadership?

I recently heard this term from our business partner and it made me pause. Was this just a new fancy term to replace interim leadership? Or did it mean something more?

Forbes did a brilliant article on The Outsourced Executive that paints a full picture of what a fractional leader is and why someone would want to hire one. As a consultant, I do a multitude of tasks and functions for a client that stretch beyond “consulting”.  Everything from project management to leadership development. More times than not, we are asked to step into a role that needs filling. Sometimes that role has been vacated, and sometimes that role is created based on business needs or because we, as consultants, perform the role so well that the client simply makes room for us to do what we do best:  lead.

Fractional is defined as: comprising a part of a unit.

A fractional leader is a vital member of a leadership team and one that can direct and guide a business to achieve its objectives.

Who Are Fractional Leaders?

Fractional leaders are individuals with a high-level of skill and drive that can easily step into a senior manager role. These people are goal-oriented with vision and experience. They are natural born leaders with a deep understanding of human nature in relation to performance. They have a high emotional intelligence score, are flexible with a wide-range of experience in their background, and they are able to adapt quickly to any environment.

Somewhere in their history they would have held a senior manager position with proven results.

Why Hire A Fractional Leader?

If you are a start-up or non-profit and have limited funds or available skillsets, then fractional leadership is something to consider. Fractional leaders may advise part-time or be on retainer for consultation as needed.

You get an experience expert for a limited time, which can be more cost-effective than hiring an expert full time.  Image being able to pick up the phone and dial an expert anytime you need one.  Fractional leaders offer you that ability.

The next time you and your business are faced with the decision to hire a permanent employee or a fractional leader, weigh the benefits of having an expert at your fingertips and hire a fractional leader.

Laureen Peltier helps companies uncover their human potential through innovative leadership approaches. As a keynote speaker, a healthcare consultant and meaningful workforce expert, Laureen has improved employee retention, developed leaders and designed mental healthcare programs that are patient-centric. She has been speaking on mental health for over 10 years and is passionate about being an instrument of change to both organizations and individuals. As a call center expert, she relies on over 20 years of experience to guide her clients through the ever-changing customer experience trends.

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