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Benefits of Third-Party Contact Center Audits

By regularly performing contact center audits, leaders can assess and understand the various areas of contact center operations and pinpoint areas for improvement to increase efficiency and productivity. But before conducting an audit, it’s important to determine the best person to conduct it. Here we cover the benefits of third-party contact center audits.

Experience Level

Third party companies have the advantage of years of experience performing audits over the years and in multiple environments. These teams are also trained on how to conduct audits and can pull from past and current client data to help determine industry benchmarks and goals. While there’s no one-size-fits-all, many companies can benefit from the best practices and expertise third-party contact center auditors provide.

Using their extensive knowledge, third-party auditors can assess whether current systems are effective and make recommendations for improving procedures. They can also provide guidance for scaling operations or making other changes, as needed.

Accuracy of Results

Because a third-party auditor has experience and a more objective viewpoint than an in-house auditor, their audits typically reflect a more accurate picture of what is happening inside of the various areas of contact center operations.


Objective Assessments

There are many elements of a contact center to analyze when doing an audit. Some of these include processes, metrics, recruiting and training, turnover, and customer and agent satisfaction. One of the most significant benefits of doing contact center audits using a third-party is these companies create objective assessments based on strict guidelines developed over the years. These assessments are free from the biases that in-house staff who work daily in the contact center may have.

The ability to review a company’s operations and systems in a neutral manner helps create a more clear and accurate assessment, which helps to formulate the best possible recommendations to top managers. Because a third-party auditor comes from outside of the company, they may also notice things that someone working inside of the company may not. They see things with fresh eyes and may have different methods of reviewing and analyzing than an internal auditor. For these reasons, third-party audits also tend to be more thorough.

Less Business Risk

One of the benefits of using a third-party auditing company is the auditor can come into the business solely to do the audit and focus on that task. Unlike internal audits, time and resources are not taken away from normal business operations. Thus, a third-party auditor can conduct an audit more efficiently.

They are also more objective when it comes to evaluating compliance. This not only reduces strain on senior management’s time but also acts as a gate keeper for many potential problems thereby lowering business risk.


Since third-party audits are more objective, they are considered more credible. Using a third-party company for audits helps ensure procedures are correctly followed and compliance is maintained. This helps protect the company and its shareholders. Also, having audits performed by an outside company helps ensure transparency for all stakeholders to see where things can be improved in the business.

In addition, an auditor from outside a company, having an objective lens, can help position the company for success by giving guidance that is optimal for the company’s growth and success.


Making Audits Happen

Contact center audits are an important element in the success of your business and doing them on a regular basis can help not only identify ways to increase efficiencies but also reveal gaps such as agent or new client onboarding, friction in the customer journey, workforce management and much more. At CH Consulting Group, we know an audit isn’t always on the top of contact center leaders’ to-do lists, which is why we provide a 360° Assessment and other reports to help you quickly understand all aspects of your business. Contact CH Consulting Group today to learn more.

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