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The California consumer privacy act (CCPA) checklist
Presented by CH Consulting Group

Is Your Organization CCPA Compliant?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has specific requirements for companies that have California customers. CCPA outlines what you need to do to be compliant in terms of Personal Information (PI) for California residents. Take a look at our CCPA Compliance Checklist for the following:

  • Criteria for companies that must be CCPA compliant.
  • Important CCPA-related dates.
  • CCPA requirements that you need to make sure you are checked off on.

If you are missing any of the requirements or unclear on what to do next, CH Consulting Group can help!

    Download our CCPA Compliance Checklist here

    The Customer Experience Guide for Today’s Contact Center
    Presented by CH Consulting Group

    Looking for Practical Ways to Optimize Customer Experience in Your Contact Center?

    CH Consulting Group is proud to present you with our first-ever eBook: The Customer Experience Guide for Today’s Contact Center. When you download this free eBook, you will receive researched-backed knowledge on industry best practices as well as tangible and practical ways to develop and/or improve the Customer Experience (CX) strategy in your contact center. By the end of the eBook, you will be able to answer questions that many executives have when it comes to CX, such as:
    • How do I develop an effective CX strategy from the C-Suite level? 
    • How can I make CX a key differentiator for my brand? 
    • How is the agent experience related to CX, and how can I improve it? 
    • How can I use data to drive CX? 

      Download our eBook: The Customer Experience Guide for Today’s Contact Center here

      Contact Center Acquisition checklist
      Presented by CH Consulting Group

      Looking to Acquire a New Contact Center?

      Call center acquisitions can help to diversify your service offerings and widen your client base, but they can be a long and tricky process. How do you know that you are making a worthwhile investment?   Download our tool today and get:

      • Comprehensive checklist that allows you to ask the right questions 
      • Strategy to analyze potential contact center acquisitions 
      • A better understanding of how to assess potential contact centers’ current state, risk, etc. 

      Download the Contact Center Acquisition Checklist here

      RFP Comparison Tool
      Presented by CH Consulting Group

      Outsourcing Your RFP? Do You Have the Right Vendor?

      When you are looking for a new BPO or Technology Vendor, it’s important to go through a comprehensive RFP process. Many companies look to hire third-party Consultants to assist with the RFP process, but aren’t sure how to select the Consultant that is right for them. CH Consulting Group developed a detailed RFP Comparison Tool that allows you to compare RFP Vendors that you are looking at. Download our tool today and get:

      • Comprehensive list of decision criteria to help you determine if you have selected the right RFP Vendor/Consultant
      • RFP Comparison Template and Practical Example for your convenience
      • Graphs that allow you to visual RFP Vendor/Consultant rankings

      Download the RFP Comparison Tool here

      Sample Quality Assurance Guidelines & Scorecard
      Presented by CH Consulting Group

      What Does Quality Assurance Look Like for You?  

      CH Consulting Group believes that quality assurance is one of the key components of a successful contact center. It is important to have clearly documented guidelines that are aligned with industry best practices.  When you download a free copy of our Sample QA Guidelines & Scorecard, you get the following:

      • List of industry best practices – see how your contact center compares!
      • Sample scoring criteria that you can use for your contact center
      • Sample QA Form/Scorecard

      Download the Sample Quality Assurance Guidelines & Scorecard here

      Customer Service Audit Checklist
      Presented by CH Consulting Group

      Are You Due for a Customer Service Audit? 

      CH Consulting Group understands that providing an excellent customer experience starts with the service that you provide. Your contact center is often the voice of your brand and is considered the front-line when it comes to challenges and concerns that your customers are having. It’s important to never lose sight of your customer service goals and make sure that your call center is supporting your customers effectively and efficiently. To help get your wheels turning, we have created a Customer Service Audit Checklist. When you download a free copy of our Customer Service Audit Checklist, you get the following:

      • Checklist that embodies the People, Process & Technology components of your business as they relate to Customer Service in your call center
      • A foundation of questions you should be asking to assess your current call center operations
      • A preview of our strategic 360° View Assessment that we use with our clients

      Download the Customer Service Audit Checklist here

      Guide to Transforming the Customer Experience through the Agent Experience
      Presented by CH Consulting Group

      Are You Guilty of Missing this “Forgotten Piece” of the Customer Experience?

      We have been featured in a recent edition of the prestigious Contact Center Pipeline magazine, an industry leading publication focused on driving business success through effective contact center direction and decisions. When you download a free copy of our article, you get the following:

      • Customer experience insights and a personal story from Christa Heibel, CEO and Owner of CH Consulting Group
      • FIVE actionable recommendations you can apply to your call center – these tips will help you TRANSFORM your customer experience by improving your agent experience
      • Access to more issues, articles white paper and other valuable content from Contact Center Pipeline

      Download “The Forgotten Piece of the Customer Experience”

      Sample Business Metrics Scorecard & KPI List
      Presented by CH Consulting Group

      Is Your Contact Center Tracking the Correct Key Performance Indicators?

      When you download our free Sample Business Metrics Scorecard, you get the following right at your fingertips:

      • Comprehensive list of KPIs that are standard across most contact centers
      • RelevantKPIs that are integral to an omni-channel strategy and can be applied to inbound, outbound, e-mail, chat and social media
      • Sample Business Metrics Scorecard that provides you with an example of how a balanced scorecard should look like – compare it with the scorecard you have today!

      Download Sample Business Metrics Scorecard & KPI List