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Contact Center Guides

CHCG offers contact center guides that support your business growth. We update this page frequently, so check back often or join our email lists for resource updates.

contact center guides

360° Contact Center Assessment

360° View Contact Center Assessment Guidebook

A guide explaining our cutting-edge assessment tool that considers how people, processes, and technology interact in your contact center. 

Contact Center As A Service Guide Book Mockup

CCaas systems

Contact Center as a Service Guidebook

A guide on how to determine if you need a CCaaS system, the benefits it provides and how to choose a solution provider.

Customer Journey Mapping Essentials Mockup

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping Essentials

How to create an effective customer journey map, including avoiding common pitfalls and overcoming challenges.


Contact Center KPIs

Ultimate Guide to Contact Center KPIs

A guide and calculator to help you understand, track. and improve your KPIs.

Voice of the Customer Audit Guide Mockup Image

VOC Programs

Voice of the Customer Audit Guide

A guide to understanding VOC Programs including a Data Audit Survey to help you get started.