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What CH Consulting Group is Thankful for

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and gratitude, CH Consulting Group’s nationwide team of Customer Experience, Contact Center and Compliance experts want to share with you what they are thankful for this year:

“I’m  thankful for this whole crazy journey called life. The ups, the downs, the challenges and the wins.  I’m grateful to be surrounded by amazing friends and family which is the biggest blessing of this lifetime for me. I’m also grateful to get to do work that I love with people that I respect. Happy Thanksgiving everybody and their family!”

– Christa Heibel, CEO/Founder

I’m thankful for all of my friends and family. They’re always there for me and the foundation of my life.

– Bob Kasten, Consultant

“I am thankful that everyday I am alive and able to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. I am also thankful for the love I receive daily from my family and friends and for the opportunity I have had to meet and work with the very talented people associated with CHCG. ”

– John Welsh, Consultant

“This last year has been one to be very thankful for.  My husband had several heart procedures done successfully and we are enjoying his new-found strength.  I am thankful for our health and the loving support from him. ”

–   Berni Hollinger, Consultant

“I am thankful for my family and all my fur babies. I am also very thankful that regardless of how many times humanity is challenged, the majority come together with heart, love, compassion and community. Here is to HOPE!

– Samantha Garcia, Consultant

“I am thankful to work with Christa and her crazy cast of characters.   Never a dull moment!But most of all I’m thankful for my new grand-daughter who arrived this year.  I am looking forward to spending a week spoiling her around the Thanksgiving holiday. Also, I’m blessed to live in amazing Middle Georgia and have a wife who has put up with me for so-o-o long as we chase our dreams together. 

– Wayne Barnes, Consultant

” I am thankful for the gift of health and happiness.  And, the special opportunity of being able to work with amazing partners and clients everyday.”

– Dan Coen, Consultant

“I am thankful for my supportive husband, two loving dogs Max and Snickers, my amazing family, and fun-loving friends for making my life so full and bright. I am also thankful to be a part of a smart and innovative team here at CH Consulting Group!”

– Danica Hagey, Consultant

” I am thankful this year for my wonderful family, the traveling I have been able to do, and amazing people have the opportunity to work with daily.”

– Mary Wardas, Consultant

“I am so grateful to be here, able to share my words, and thoughts. I am grateful to keep what’s worth keeping, release what no longer serves and gratefully return the rest to love. As I will simply say, thanks for everything, and allow the magic to flow in my life.”

– Monica Ruth Hatch, Consultant

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