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The Benefits of Moving a Healthcare Contact Center to the Cloud

Moving your healthcare contact center to a cloud solution can have many benefits for your organization. Cloud-based contact centers can help reduce costs, increase security and compliance, make scaling and reducing scale flexible, and offer more features and more ways of communicating with patients. All these things are important for allowing healthcare organizations run more efficiently, remain on the cutting edge of healthcare, continuously meet customer expectations, and increase patient satisfaction.

Cost Reduction

With a cloud-based contact center solution, you can have more flexibility while also cutting costs.

  • On-premises technology has fixed costs, while cloud-based technology costs are adjustable. A fixed cost is paid for on-premises systems no matter how frequently they are used, while cloud-based systems are paid for based on how often they are utilized and what features are added or removed.
  • With a cloud-based solution, you can scale your operations up or down as needed, depending on the amount of volume that needs to be handled. This can significantly reduce costs.
  • By using a cloud-based contact center, you can have consistent monthly billing and maintenance costs are included with the system. Also, when the system has routine technology updates, there are no additional costs for this to your organization.
  • When you have a cloud-based contact center, instead of buying and maintaining costly software and equipment, you can use those funds to improve and enhance the patient experience.

Increased Security and Compliance

Compliance and the security of information are especially important factors for healthcare organizations. According to Aberdeen:

“Seventy Percent (70%) of cloud contact center users cite security and compliance as a reason to invest in cloud technology, showing that companies have largely overcome their concerns in this area, and that they’re becoming more proficient in controlling data in a cloud-based infrastructure.”

Also, cloud-based providers have dedicated staff who specialize in security, stay current about security threats, and help to prevent data corruption and loss.

Access to More Features

One of the reasons why organizations prefer a cloud-based contact center is because it offers more features to contact center agents. These features can be very expensive to have with an on-site contact center. For instance, adding speech analytics to an on-site contact center would require purchasing hardware and possibly hiring additional employees. But with a cloud-based solution, the business can use a feature such as speech analytics as needed. Speech analytics can help to ensure compliance and create better customer experiences. In addition, with this technology, agents can get information about customer sentiment and be equipped to handle interactions more effectively.

More Efficient Use of IT Teams

With an on-premises contact center solution, on-site IT staff is needed to set up the system and mange it and its hardware. But with a cloud-based contact center solution, rather than spending time on managing an on-site contact center system, IT staff can focus more on strategic activities.

According to Aberdeen, “Sixty-two percent (62%) cite reducing reliance on IT helps the IT team focus more on strategic activities — such as building a single view of customer insights — that are needed to deliver Omni-channel customer interactions.”

Increased Uptime

Too much contact center downtime can mean frustrating delays for customers. But cloud-based contact centers help prevent this. According to the Aberdeen, “73% of contact centers cite increasing uptime through redundant carrier integration available through cloud contact center providers as the second top reason driving their investment in cloud technology.”

Omni-Channel Capabilities

The Omni-channel capabilities provided by cloud-based contact centers can provide more ways of communicating with patients and make the patient’s customer journey more seamless. This helps to increase patient satisfaction. In addition, cloud-based contact center solutions can be customized to the various needs of patients and healthcare organizations.

CH Consulting Group has experience helping healthcare organizations better utilize data to make measurable improvements in contact center efficiency, patient experience and staff satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how together we can help improve the patient experience.

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