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We help you stand out among competitors by developing an IT strategy that matches you
with the right process, resources, and tools to improve customer experience and drive profitability.


We Create, Revise, & Execute Effective Omni-Channel Strategies

CH Consulting Group is a firm believer in the implementation of an omni-channel technology approach in the delivery of a seamless and effortless customer experience for today’s customer. Many companies claim to use this approach, but very few do it successfully! CH Consulting Group helps companies across the world create, revise, and execute effective omni-channel strategies. Long story short, omni-channel matters! The CHCG team is eager to support your omni-channel efforts and help you provide your customers with the seamless and effortless customer experience they desire.

System Optimization

Optimization of Technology Systems & Platforms

CH Consulting Group offers you veteran IT executives who can support the optimization of your technology systems and platforms. We review your current IT setup to help increase efficiencies and eliminate redundancies. Our system optimization support includes

  • Review of technical and user requirements
  • Review of major technology components such as reporting, web chat, email, workforce management, and agent configurations.
  • Review and revision of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as needed
  • Review of operational areas that will affect the technology strategy
  • Identify system optimization improvements to maximize efficiency gains and cost savings
  • Development and implementation of a systems optimization plan/roadmap based on assessment findings

IT Strategy

Develop fundamentally sound IT strategy

CH Consulting Group’s team of veteran IT executives offer you the strategic vision you need to develop a fundamentally sound IT strategy that will maximize efficiency and profitability while also adding immense value to your organization as a whole. Our IT strategy support includes:

  • Documentation of your IT department’s mission, core values, objectives, and methodologies
  • Assessment of current state IT department for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Review of current systems and processes
  • Review of current budget and spending forecasts
  • Development of an effective IT strategy based on assessment findings
    • To include resources, accountability measures, key metrics, strategic initiatives, etc.

Your industry is competitive, so how can you pull away from the herd and stand out from the rest of the competition? Partner with CH Consulting Group to create an IT strategy that gives you the right process, resources, and tools you need to improve your customer experience and drive profitability.

Project Management

Comprehensive Project Management Support

CH Consulting Group understands the complexities of IT projects, which is why we offer you comprehensive project management support. Project management will include:

  • Weekly client calls
  • Weekly agenda, meeting minutes, and recaps
  • Remote document creation and discovery
  • On-Site validation
  • Leadership strategy discussions
  • Meetings and observation
  • System set up review
  • Timeline and milestone adherence

Technology Evaluation & Selection

Explore Best Possible Vendor Solutions

CH Consulting Group can help you navigate the oversaturated market of technology vendors and help guide you towards the best possible vendor solution for your organization. Our technology evaluation and selection support include:

  • Documentation of business goals and objectives along with full user and technical requirements
  • RFP development
  • RFP process management from start to finish
    • Includes RFP distribution to qualified vendors, reviewing RFP responses, coordinating vendor presentations, and final vendor selection recommendations.
  • Vendor contract negotiations

When you work with CH Consulting Group, you gain the expertise, guidance, and knowledge you need to know that you are selecting the best technology vendor for your organization’s needs.


Eliminate Redundancies & Improve Efficiencies

CH Consulting Group understands the importance of automation to eliminate redundancies and improve efficiencies. More importantly, we understand exactly how to set up an effective IT automation strategy that will help your organization grow and become more profitable! Our automation support includes:

  • Process mapping and visualization – this is key to automation! In order to automate effectively, you need to understand your processes!
  • Workflow review and revisions as needed
  • Evaluation and identification of the right-fit tools needed to implement an effective automation strategy
  • Review of current systems
  • Development of an effective automation strategy based on assessment findings