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Contact Center Operations

Using our 250+ years of collective experience CH Consulting Group provides expert
guidance to optimize contact center performance.


Customized and enhanced training programs

CH Consulting Group specializes in designing contact center training programs to improve the customer experience, enhance current agent training and retention, improve overall agent and operational performance, and identify areas of opportunity. We have extensive experience with new hire, skills development, and on-going training. We support our clients through the development of custom training materials based on the needs of clients. If you are in need of a new agent training program that improves attrition and increases employee satisfaction, we can tell help!

Leadership Development

Personal & Professional Development Coaching

Tailored for top executives or emerging leaders, our coaching services provide a framework for identifying professional challenges and opportunities. Together we create and execute a defined plan based on accountability, implementation, growth and improvement.

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.

Christa Heibel, CEO/Founder

Workforce Management

Effective Workforce Strategy

CH Consulting Group has worked with many clients in the past who did not realize that their Workforce Management processes were not aligned with industry best practices. A broken WFM model can lead to customer frustration, account closures and lost revenue. CHCG has 170+ years of collective experience in the contact center industry and the expertise you need to design an effective WFM optimization strategy. If you think that your contact center could benefit from workforce optimization, I’d like for a chance to learn more about your business and see how we can help you experience significant cost savings.

Performance Management

Performance Optimization

CH Consulting Group understands that your contact center operations cannot afford a breakdown in call center management or mediocre operational performance. We provide your organization with the tools you need to optimize your contact center performance. This includes benchmarking your current performance using the right metrics, evaluating how your performance compares to your competitors, and reviewing how we can increase efficiencies that can lead to significant cost savings. If your contact center is not meeting KPIs, suffering from high turnover rate, or experiencing low customer satisfaction levels, you may be due for a check-up. Let us show you how CHCG can help optimize your contact center’s performance!


Strategic Recruitment Services

CH Consulting Group will create an effective recruiting strategy that will result in attracting a talent candidate pool, and ultimately a qualified, “right fit” candidate. We will source and screen viable candidates for the desired position in the desired location leveraging our internal contacts from our 200+ years of collective experience in the contact center industry in addition to a national search. We will assist in collecting and reviewing resumes, identifying candidates with the highest potential for success, verifying references, and preliminary telephone interviews. We will also assist with the final interview process for the most qualified candidates. This includes formats such as in-person interview, structured panel interview and video interview.

We understand how important it is to find the “right fit” candidate to fill your position. If you need assistance with finding a professional, qualified individual that meshes well with your company culture, we’d love to learn more about the position you need filled and how we can best support your search.

Quality Assurance

Establish & Optimize Quality Assurance Departments

CH Consulting Group specializes in developing fundamentally sound quality assurance programs to improve your call center or contact center’s performance.  Lack of conventional QA resources and processes can directly impact call quality, attrition, CX, agent satisfaction and overall company growth. We have extensive experience in setting up and optimizing quality assurance departments for companies of all sizes. We can assist with implementing quality assurance management practices and reporting technologies in place that will enhance the customer experience. This includes customizable quality assurance forms and scorecards, agent assessment and auditing processes, coaching guidelines, etc.