Well it’s no surprise to anyone that it’s the Holiday season.  It’s Christmas Eve for goodness sake.

If you don’t live in a cave, you have been bombarded for well over a month with advertisements and cheesy Christmas puns trying to catch your attention.  It would almost lend one to think that this time of year is purely for consumer spending.

But I wanted to write a quick little blog to all of you out there, to say that I hope you were able to get your shopping done early and are able to focus on what is truly important, and that is your family and being able to get together for this Holiday season.

Too often we have our heads down, pushing forward on the grind, and forget to stand up and take a look around every once in a while.  Christmas and the holidays should be that time of year – just to take a moment for yourself.  Take a big deep breath, and just soak it in for a moment.  Another year has come and almost gone, and although many of us have to work right up till Christmas and right after it as well, I want you to just take a break (even a little one).

2015 may have been a struggle, or maybe it was 100% a banner year for you; either way this Holiday season is a perfect time to take that micro second to maybe just do a little self-reflection and try and recharge a bit, renew that purpose for that grind.

Ultimately, my wish this Christmas is that you will all still be able to find some time to decompress (even a little), and just enjoy those around you.  Enjoy that time with family and friends, and I hope that you get all that you want for Christmas.

On behalf of all of us at CH Consulting Group, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Cheers!  And I hope that we will talk to you soon!



Allen Kruse is a Senior Partner with the CH Consulting Group.  He’s been involved in numerous projects, done a heap of things, met quite the number of people and overall been a serial adventurer for the past 15+ years.  From the online gaming news industry, to being in the United States military, to going to college for a while, to forming several businesses, to even being a consultant.  He’s always on the go and working towards an ultimate goal.  While he’s on his journey -he would like to get to know you, and how he might be able to learn more about your journey and ultimate destination.  You can find him here

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