Featured in the December 2019 PACE Pulse

Dear Friend,

Before I get started, let me just say that I am 110% committed to PACE and am passionate about all that it embodies for our industry. I take my role as Vice Chair and Marketing Chair very seriously, and seek to further the recognition and growth that this amazing organization deserves. However, in order to plan for PACE’s success, we need to take an honest look at what our challenges are as an organization today. So, what’s the problem with PACE? In one short sentence, I would say:

Most people don’t realize the multi-dimensional value, expertise, and knowledge we bring to the industry!

Seriously! Here are just a few of the issues I want to shed light on:

Lack of brand recognition.  “Who is PACE?” – this is a comment I have heard way too often! Maybe most people remember the “old” ATA- but unfortunately, this brilliantly foresighted re-branding never got the legs it should have. As you can see in the PACE name itself, “customer engagement” was on our roadmap way before there was buzz around “customer experience”! Yes, we were into the Customer Experience BEFORE it was cool! 😊 We are no longer the “old” ATA – we are the new and improved PACE where we provide our members with experts and contacts in the industry for ALL things Customer Experience (CX) and Contact Center. PACE has subject matter experts to support its members in key areas such as AI, omni-channel, workforce management, operations, technology, and compliance.

Lack of appreciation for what the organization has done around compliance – Let me preface my spiel, by saying that PACE is 100% your BIGGEST compliance advocate in the industry! Stuart (PACE CEO) and our compliance officers have done great work with policymakers in Washington D.C. to help advocate for our members and their businesses in ways in Washington DC that are absolutely critical to business transactions for ALL companies in voice, digital and technology. After attending the September PACE Washington D.C. Summit, I was alerted to how much data privacy, telephony, cell phone, EBR (existing business relationship) legislation, court cases, language/definition, and other compliance issues are happening real-time that not enough of my clients are aware of can impact their business. Compliance is not just about outbound dialing and we all need to be educated, kept aware and have representation in DC making sure we can run compliant and effective businesses. NOBODY is doing that for businesses like PACE!

Lack of understanding in the level of networking that PACE provides – we provide several regional and national events that give attendees the networking opportunities they can count on to build long-lasting business relationships and partnerships. Our membership base has subject matter experts in CX, contact center operations and technology, so our members and event attendees have access to the most brilliant minds in the industry! But it is even more then events, PACE is your family—together we share a tremendous amount of long-term trust, relationship building, positive business contracts and success! We want you to be a part of that—see below for a few opportunities to connect! 

ACX’20 – The PACE Annual Convention & Expo is the perfect opportunity to engage with leaders from a variety of industries focused on customer experience. Learn about contact center industry best practices and emerging technologies that help make customer engagement more measurable and efficient.

The Customer Experience – It’s More Than Just Technology! – You’ve heard it all when it comes to technology in the CX journey – from AI to data to analytics. However, many of us have lost sight of the most important piece – the human connection. Join Uber, Verizon, CH Consulting Group, and Outsource Consultants in this webinar where they will provide you with actionable insights and tactical ways you can develop and sustain the human connection in your CX journey.

Regional Events – We offer you Regional and Chapter events that provide you with more intimate settings to get connected with other PACE members and industry experts!

Compliance Forums – The Compliance Officers Forum brings together the best ideas and compliance techniques to deal with the latest compliance and legal challenges facing our industry. If you’re a compliance officer, attorney or someone interested in learning about the regulations that govern it, this is your opportunity. You’ll become part of a growing community of compliance professionals facing the same kinds of challenges and tackling similar issues.

PACE Councils – PACE developed PACE Councils to allow members to be united, based on their professional roles.  For instance, we have rolled out the Corporate CX Council which offers corporate brands with a sales-free, low-pressure, peer advisory environment  for executives who want to share best practices and look for solutions to issues and concerns that their industry faces today. PACE Councils allow for peer-to-peer networking and education and are included in your PACE membership benefits.  

Luckily, these challenges can be overcome with your help! Let’s get the word out on the robust offerings that PACE provides to its members, which includes but is not limited to networking, educational opportunities, business opportunities, and access to subject matter expertise to solve your organization’s most pressing issues.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:
Forward this e-mail to FIVE of your non-PACE member contacts
Attend an upcoming PACE event and invite a non-PACE member contact
Create a post on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook) with the hashtag #ProudPACEMember TODAY and help us get the word out! Please share the December PACE Pulse on your social media channels, with the icons at the bottom of the page.  Don’t forget the hashtag #ProudPACEMember!  Help us create a “social media flood” of #ProudPACEMembers!

If you or any of your colleagues have any questions about membership, please do not hesitate to contact me or Stuart. Let’s finish 2019 strong with PACE and join me in letting everyone know why you are a #ProudPACEMember!


Christa Heibel