One thing that characterizes successful companies is the way they value customer experience. For them, customer satisfaction and a connected customer experience comes first. They believe that customer satisfaction is key to building a marketable reputation, with customer service as the centerpiece.

To help illustrate what an excellent customer experience and “go-the-extra-mile” customer service looks like, I’ve rounded up three companies and important lessons that they teach. Let’s begin!

Lesson #1:

Good customer service strives to meet what customers really want. A successful company understands their customers and produce products and services that are beneficial to their customers.

Model Company(s): Glossier and Warby Parker

Glossier, a skincare and cosmetics company, creates beauty products based on crowd-sourced opinions. A dedicated team at Glossier reviews messages from customers. They take note of their recommendations and suggestions about their products.

Glossier CEO/co-founder, Emily Weiss made a revelation in a feature on They considered what their customers want when they were developing their Invisible Shield sunscreen product. Many customers wished for a non-greasy sunblock that doesn’t smell like sunblock. After two years of research they were able to produce a sunscreen that satisfies those wishes.

Eyewear company Warby Parker ensures customer satisfaction through their Home Try-On business model. Their customers can choose up to five frames from the website. Their choices will be delivered to their homes for free. During the trial period, customers can mix and match the frames and lenses. This helps customers choose the perfect spectacles for them.

Lesson #2:

In order to provide an excellent customer experience, it’s important to empower your employees to solve customer issues! When you are rigid with rules and don’t allow for flexibility, you risk losing your customers.

Model Company: The Ritz Carlton

Sometimes being over-the-top can be a good thing! The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is good example of over-the-top customer service. They are dedicated in providing the best experience to customers. They would do anything to solve customer problems to keep them happy.

An interview for, The Ritz Carlton COO Herve Humler revealed that their employees can do anything within policy to solve customer concerns. He describes his employees as ladies and gentlemen serving other ladies and gentlemen. He makes sure that his employees would feel that way—they’re ladies and gentlemen, not servants.

The company gives employees a budget of up to $2,000 to handle and solve customer concerns. They have to make sure that they properly handle and resolve customer concerns.

Lesson #3:

Good customer service works hard to understand their customers on different levels by leveraging valuable customer data and feedback. This can be used to personalize service, proactively address customer issues, etc.

Model Company: Nordstrom

Nordstrom is another company known for its good customer service. The employees should treat customers as they would treat themselves.The same principle applies to their online store. They work hard to make the experience consistent in all different channels. They do this by using customer data to customize every of their customer’s experience.

Nordstrom is also known for their product returns policy. They can take back any product and refund them without much ado. This keeps their customers satisfied.

Final Takeaway:

There is more to customer service than these three lessons. But starting with them will create a solid path to customer service success. Businesses have to focus on their customers. When customers feel important, they will more likely appreciate a brand’s products and/or services. That is exactly how a good relationship between a brand and its customers is established.

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