The Millennial demographic, which consists of people who were born in the 1980s or 1990s, has grown up with and adapted to many online technological changes. This includes phone apps, social media channels, and online marketing and shopping. So it is no surprise that millennials are considered to be the most tech savvy generation. This makes their customer service expectations unique. They are the fastest growing demographic of consumers so it is important to know how to deliver the best customer experience for them. In this article, I will discuss ways you can make your contact center millennial-friendly.

Preference for Online Interactions

One of the things that Millennials value the most is their time. When they make phone calls, they do not like to wait on hold for long, so they prefer to have options such as callbacks. They also want to be informed of the approximate time they may need to wait on hold when they make a call.

However, since Millennials are comfortable with online technology, they prefer to receive customer service through online channels, rather than through traditional customer service phone calls.

In a Forbes article by Blake Morgan entitled “5 Tips To Make Your Customer Experience Millennial Friendly”, Blake had pointed out the following preference that Millennials have for customer service channels, from the most to the least preferred:

Digital 42.3%
Social 36.4%
Apps 32%
Phone 29.4%

This shows that it is important to provide multiple channels for support, such as social media, chats, texting, apps, and phone. Having a multi-channel approach helps to ensure that each customer can receive support on their preferred channel.

Inclination for Fast Self-Service

Millennials like things to be easily accessible and prefer to quickly find the information they are looking for online in order to save time. Therefore, it is important to make as much support information available on your online company pages as possible, and to make them easy to find and access. This includes information on your website pages such as FAQ, product videos, help guides, policy pages, testimonials, and contact pages.

Desire for Authentic Communication

Millennials prefer to have more casual and friendly conversations as opposed to formal or scripted conversations. So you can train your staff to have a more personable style to appeal to this demographic and build trust with them.

Millennials are also more likely to want to have a unique experience when they purchase a product or service, which makes them feel more connected to a brand. For example, they may purchase based on their personal beliefs or a cause they want to support versus just purchasing based on liking a certain product. They also want positive and fun engagement from brands they follow, versus simply being advertised and sold to.

An Emphasis on Efficiency

Since they are quick and savvy with technology, Millennials expect a lot of efficiency and speed when it comes to customer service technology. Therefore, they expect that a customer service agent will be able to pull up their history and quickly find answers and solutions to their problems.

Wanting to Be Heard

As with other demographics, you can learn a lot about the point of view of Millennials and about what their preferences are by asking for their feedback via surveys, social media, and other methods. This will help to ensure that you provide the best possible customer service for this demographic.

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