The CH Consulting Group team had an amazing time at ACX’19! We had the pleasure of joining industry professionals from CX leading companies such as Amazon, Google, Uber, Ring, USAA, Shutterfly, and so many more. The week was filled with fun, laughs, new friends and old friends. Even with all the fun we had, I have to admit that the educational sessions at ACX19 were some of the best I have been to in quite some time. Check out some of key points we took from the show:

AI is here to stay

In recent years, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become more and more integrated with the way we do business. Whether you are ready or not, AI is happening and in so many new and exciting ways! One of the sessions spoke in great detail about new applications, driven by AI and automation, that are changing the ways in which agents, contact center staff, and customers interact. Yes, AI was a hot topic at ACX’19, but I just want to make sure we all take a moment to pause. Don’t implement AI because it’s what industry experts say you should do. There are so many ways to utilize AI, it can be easy to get lost in the mix. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips I have for you to help create an effective business case and plan for AI:

  • Identify the problem(s) you seek to fix with AI, business objectives, desired outcomes, and key stakeholders
  • Create a detailed description of your AI project, to include background, purpose and scope
  • Document project requirements
  • Come up with list of viable options (ex. potential vendors, costs, benefits, risks, etc) and use pros vs. cons to narrow down the list
  • Decide on a recommended option and develop an implementation strategy

AI can be the differentiator that your company needs. How? It can be used to define and enhance your CX strategy, especially in your contact center. If used properly, AI can help reduce call volumes, and improve the customer experience. However, just like any other operational or technical implementation within your organization, it requires proper planning.

But don’t forget the human touch

Your contact center can use AI to optimize the contact center experience by collecting important customer information and providing context for interactions that will allow for an optimal customer experience. For example, AI can provide your agents with personalized information about the client to help provide an excellent experience – this can include order history, past experience with your brand, etc. This creates a personalized experience that elevates your brand and leaves your customers with a positive, lasting impression. It can also automate certain processes in the customer experience that can help to lessen the workload of your human agent workforce. As you can see, AI is an invaluable resource for contact centers, but I caution against the notion that they can replace the contact center entirely. Yes, AI is here to stay, but people will always be here so don’t forget the importance of the human touch. No matter how powerful AI can become, people will still want to talk to people. To enhance the customer experience, you should look to developing a synergistic relationship between AI and your human workforce. Allow both customer service approaches to work with each other, rather than against each other.


If you missed out on ACX19 this year, make sure you don’t miss out on next year’s event! It will be held April 5-8, 2020 at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation in Amelia Island, Florida. Stay tuned for more information on sponsorships, exhibitor and speaker opportunities! If you want more information on upcoming PACE events or would like to talk more about potential memberships, please do not hesitate to reach out to me here.