If you are in the market to purchase something, whether it is a house, car, or even tonight’s dinner, you likely will be doing some research. This is no different from call center acquisitions, which require a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of its people, processes and technology.

A call center ties itself with different aspects of your company. It should closely align with marketing, sales, manufacturing, and almost all other departments so that it will become an efficient customer touchpoint. What occurs in your call center allows your company to attain greater success, but what does not occur can destroy your brand’s good image.

According to BenchmarkPortal.com, the contact center is the customer interaction’s central point. It needs close observation as part of your due diligence procedure. If you are planning to acquire a contact or call center, you should work with a call center consultant right from the start.

Why Should You Hire A Call Center Consultant?

A call center consultant can give you peace of mind regarding your potential investment. The consultant team will show you the significance of doing due diligence when acquiring a call center. The team will help you create a comprehensive due diligence checklist. The team will also:

  •        Get the baseline of an active call center
  •        Obtain a better understanding of its current state
  •        Evaluate and quantify the risks
  •        Identify areas of development

A comprehensive due diligence process includes the analysis of the following:

  •        Financials
  •        Current contracts with sellers and other related partners
  •        Call center technology solutions and operations
  •        Current employees such as supervisors and agents or representatives
  •        Previous or pending litigation issues
  •        Insurance
  •        Competition and markets


A Consultant Helps You Find an Effective Call Center

A call center consultant’s main goal is ensuring that the call center you are thinking of acquiring is a good one. Therefore, he wants to understand your goals.  A call center consulting team will set up meetings with you to learn more about your business and goals for your call center operations. Meetings may take place at your premises or remotely, based on your budget and preference.

Assessing the Call Center

A consultant typically uses several performance metrics that will compare the call center you have planned to acquire against its competitors. The consulting team will review it using some specialized methods to identify the weaknesses and strengths you must know regarding its processes, people, and technology. The team will also find out how the company stacks up against the present best practices in the industry.

Moreover, your call center consultant will observe and assess call center agents. The team will search for intuitions into their attitudes that have a strong impact on customer satisfaction. The team will consider the agent experience, including employee turnover, in their analysis.

Likewise, the team will try to find out if the call center satisfies the callers, which may include anything about customer satisfaction. Your consultant can also give a critical evaluation of its recent survey methods to know their usefulness and validity.

Eventually, the team will give you a complete due diligence report. This executive summary report highlights the call center’s current state, the opportunities it can open for your company, and recommendations for an optimized future state. It also identifies the profitability and viability of recent operations and the areas of opportunities for improved efficiencies.

A due diligence report will give everything you need to know. It will identify what to fix, its cost, and potential ROI. A call center consultant can help open new opportunities for your business. Thus, a due diligence report will also highlight the opportunities that will drive profitability and the chances to negotiate and recast or replace current contracts and liabilities. It will give you the options available to modernize or invest in present solution stacks for efficiencies and savings.

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