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Gamification: What Motivates Users?

Gamification:  What Motivates Users?

In my last blog I talked about what gamification is and how it may benefit your organization. Now I want to discuss how you can keep users motivated to keep coming back. It’s relatively easy to get users to your application and try it out.  But to get them to keep coming back?  That’s a… Continue Reading

Senior Managers – Do You Call Your Call Center?

Senior Managers – Do You Call Your Call Center?

If you are a senior manager and customer satisfaction is important to your organization’s success, when was the last time you actually called your call center? If this is an action you have never done or an action you have not done in a while, I suggest you do it immediately upon completion of this… Continue Reading

Gamification: What Is It?

Gamification:  What Is It?

Gamification – What is it and is it something we can leverage at work for our employees or customers? Recently, I completed a course allowing me to become certified in Gamification.  When I told colleagues I was becoming certified in gamification; I was universally asked: “What is that?” So I’m addressing it in a couple… Continue Reading