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CHCG has a passion for business principles and processes that keep things simple and eliminate redundancies.


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We are the world’s premiere Contact Center Consultants and Customer Experience Consultants.

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We are the world’s premiere consulting company for the BPO/Contact Center and Customer Experience Industries. We believe in delivering next level products with our client’s ROI as our main driver for excellence.


If you’re looking for support in any area of your sales or customer service, if your revenue or sales are lying flat—contact us today.


Whether you are lacking expertise, specific talents, need help with development or support, we can strengthen your team.


Before you begin a search that may cost you time and needless money, let CHCG take the lead.


Building business is about relationship and no one understands that better than CH Consulting Group. We are your resource.


Establishing a culture where people are heard and supported yields an efficient, productive and happy workforce.


We can customize an event that enriches your team and advances your business.


Let us help you find and keep the right people.


We find innovative ways to integrate technology into your business.

Why You Can’t Ignore Social CRM

One of my favorite projects as a consultant is helping clients navigate through the process of vetting and choosing new technology partners, including CRM solutions. One of the questions I often get is, “What’s the difference between CRM and Social CRM?” or even, “Is...
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Four Overlooked Elements of an RFP

Last week I wrote about the importance of creating robust RFP’s. Considering the feedback I got, a lot of you are creating a lot of RFP’s for a lot of projects. And although I didn’t delve into the particulars of what elements make up a sound RFP, I can tell you from...
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CH Consulting Group Welcomes Veteran Contact Center Consultant John Glantz

August 21, 2017, International Falls, MN – CH Consulting Group (CHCG), a leader in the BPO/Contact Center space for more than 20 years, continues to grow its business with the addition of John Glantz. “With his acumen in large project development, operational...
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We welcome the opportunity to meet you and develop a collaborative partnership like the ones you’ll read about below.

I have worked with Christa and her team over the last two and a half years with two different clients on three separate projects. I have found her and her team to be excellent at quickly building a strong relationship with the client and providing the information clients need to hear to affect change within their organizations. They are respectful, honest, trustworthy, and dedicated to delivering results. It has been a pleasure working with CH Consulting Group and I look forward to many successful partnership opportunities in the future.

Mark Reichert

Director of Sales, Improving

Building business and delivering 100% customer satisfaction is a challenge. Christa and the CH Consulting Group helped us hit critical goals by leveraging intelligent expertise and passion for customers success. They are so good that I wish they worked with us everyday. No other partner impacts our business so powerfully.

Dan Candee

Former COO/CRO, Connect First

As the VP of Sales Operations for SiriusXM I’ve had the opportunity to work with CH Consulting Group on three separate engagements spanning initiatives from technology implementation to driving rapid, granular operational improvements.   It was clear from the start that the team at CH Consulting maintains a deep seated understanding of all facets of the call center world.   Understanding how the interplay of the component parts of a call center operation must work together to drive KPI improvement has been the biggest contributing factor to the success we’ve realized in working with this team.   Given the success we’ve seen with the team at CH Consulting, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and engage again in the future and am glad we’ve built a relationship that has shown I can do that, any time of the day or night.

Jeff Myers

VP of Sales Operations, SiriusXM

Christa Heibel and her team at CH Consulting Group are one of those rare gems that truly bring the whole package when it comes to communications consulting. She and her team make it a point to understand your business including how the financials work, so that any recommendation they make is based on best practices and solid numbers. If you’re looking to hire a consultant to help with call center strategy, program management, execution, marketing, sales, or new products, CH Consulting Group is sure to produce a solid return on investment.

Jack Padovano

Owner, Direct Response Solutions

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