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    Business Acquisition

    Relationships matter. Building business is about relationship and no one understands that better than CH Consulting Group. We are your resource. Learn More

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    Contact Center

    Customer experience matters. Most businesses today are failing to meet increasing consumer demands. We can provide an honest assessment of your current strategy and plan. Learn More

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    Customer Retention & Growth

    Revenue matters. If you’re looking for support in any area of your sales or customer service, if your revenue or sales are lying flat – Contact us today! Learn More

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    Human Resources

    Communication matters. Establishing a culture where people are heard and supported yields an efficient, productive and happy workforce. Let’s build it together! Learn More

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    Leadership Specialists

    Leadership matters. Period. Whether you are lacking expertise, specific talents, need help with development or support, we can strengthen your team! Learn More

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    Talent Acquisition & Retention

    People matter. Let us help you find and keep the right people. Learn More

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    Technology Experts

    Technology matters. Data, analytics, automation and reporting are critical to staying competitive and managing your business today. We find innovative ways to integrate technology into your business. Learn More

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    Leadership Retreats

    Balance matters. We can customize an event that enriches your team and advances your business. Learn More


Welcome to CH Consulting Group! We are glad you are here and found us! We hope you find what you are seeking within our site. Please feel free to reach out to any member of our group if you would like additional information or find something is missing. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and develop a collaborative partnership!


Our mission is to navigate the needs of our clients with a creative, holistic and collaborative methodology bringing a proven track record, the right tools, services, and processes to the table for both immediate value and long-term success.

What's Happening

Leadership: The Why Behind You

Leadership: The Why Behind You

Why should people follow your organization or you? Why do people work for your organization and your leaders? If you, your leaders, or your organization cannot clearly articulate with fervor why you do; who are your followers? Listening to a brilliant man speak this morning, I was moved by his ability to captivate myself and… Continue Reading

IQPC Event – Catching Up

IQPC Event – Catching Up

The IQPC Event seems to have been a success again. Crowds were large and the vendor display of outsourcers, technology and service providers from translation companies to PCI compliance support. It continues to prove to be a great networking event. We appreciated catching up with partners new and old. Some of our favorites…   Connect… Continue Reading

What Is The ROI On Documentation?

What Is The ROI On Documentation?

Writing things down is what I do. Starting with childhood diaries and journals and progressing into never-ending lists – grocery list, shopping list, to-do list – I always have a pen and paper around to jot something down. I’ll often ask “email me that” or “send me a text” because I know if it’s not… Continue Reading